Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Singing In The Rain

Yesterday afternoon we had the most refreshing storm. Not that I always look on thunder and lightning bolts as refreshing - we have been in such need of the wet stuff that I literally went outside and walked, danced and sang in it!

I even took some pics with rain drops on my thirsty plants:

The soothsayers are predicting more this afternoon. I am thrilled. It may be a little late for most of my shriveled up veggie garden ~ still ~ our water tables need it.

If it does come up a good storm, I hope it pours in a steady abundance.


Karen said...

Is Gene Kelly cute or what? It's so rare for us to get rain in the south these days, isn't it? We've had rain in Atlanta, too, for the past two days and it seems like a gift straight from heaven. Your flowers sure look happy.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Karen, We got another frog choker this afternoon! I tell you, I am in heaven! And yes, Gene Kelley - who couldn't love that face? I love musicals. sigh

Rosemary said...

your yard is so pretty! SHow us more! Rosemary