Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So much for promises

Hi Folksies
February marched into March with loads of weather we are not accustomed to here in my little area of the world.  We had snow on the ground from December 18 until just over a week ago!  Wow, I never thought I would be tired of the snow.  I like it best I think when it is a short lived novelty!

The Humble Arts has had a complete makeover and we are all pretty pleased with the results.  Each artist is able to update their own page anytime!  Be sure and check each girl out often for their updates.

I had quite a shock last week - I had emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder.  I had been sick with various symptoms for a LONG time and had various complaints but never put two and two together.  I thought I had acid reflux, pulled muscles, and all sorts of other things wrong with me (you know I have a very vain imagination) for quite a long time.  When all the symptoms started ganging up on me all at once, I knew that something was wrong.  Being me, I googled every symptom and decided it was my gall bladder.  I tried to fix it with a low fat diet.  Even that didn't work.  So when I had another round of relentless attacks, my dear daughter brought me to the ER in the middle of the night.  By the next morning, the gall bladder was out and in no time they shuffled me out and home.  I have to admit that I had forgotten how good it is to really feel good!  Just in time for Spring!

Yes, spring is finally making her appearance.  I am noticing my forsythia is now in full bloom!  YAY.  What a wonderful herald of spring.   I have several bushes just singing out their beauty, waving their arms in joy.  I love to walk around the property looking for other shows of new life springing up.  What a glorious time of year, to be sure!

There is a lot of clean up to do around here - and I am feeling up to it!  Hand me a rake, a trowel and a pair of knee pads and pretty soon, everything will be just the way I like it. 

Hope that you will also be soon having your own backyard spring festival!