Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting on the Groundhog

Well, folksies it has been a long cold winter for most everyone in the USA this year. Still 6 more weeks anyway you slice it. I think our Puxatawny Phil has a great job. I would like to hibernate all winter. Oh wait, I DO! That is why I am always so soft and fluffy come spring!
I have been doing some walking; about 3.5 miles a day on a wonderful trail in our town. It is quite a nice walk to take with my Sissy. We always find something to giggle about while walking.

Here is an update on the block I have been working on:
This was the first block I shared with you, remember?

4 blocks became this:

And then I made several more to make a table runner like this:

I've also been working on other blocks, I should really try harder to get pictures taken.

Big blessings to all - Spring is on the way!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I decided to take advantage of a quiet day here on The Hill and play with the fabric assortment I received from Cora for the Brown Bag swap. I think I like this block. How 'bout you?

Monday, January 17, 2011

The FUN starts NOW

So, a few months back I signed up for a swap at:

(I have the link in my right column since I can't get blogger to work right this afternoon . . .)

I finally received my partner shortly after the first of this month. Cora and I have swapped our fabric and here is what she sent to me:

I am really grooving on this selection and it is crying out for some scrappy design - my personal favorite since my whole basement sewing studio is full of scrappiness. I have also been told by dear hubs that I am a fiesty and scrappy gal. Well said.

I will be working on these delicious fabrics soon and will be sharing with you what I have decided upon. Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I promise you that I live in the South . . .

It has certainly not felt like much of the south in the past month.  Even Georgia is cold!  We've had several more snows since the previous post on the first snow of the season.  It snowed again on Dec 15, Dec 25, Jan 2 and I believe more is in the forecast for the end of this week. 

Here in my little part of the world we are not accustomed to so very much this early in the winter!  Gee Whiz, our worst months are generally February and March!   I am tired of the white stuff already!  Around here, if the snow sticks around a few days, all the old folks say it's hanging around waiting for some more to keep it company! Say it ain't so, please! 

Now, most of the snow came during the Christmas break and most of y'all know that my hubs works for the school system.  They have only been at school for 5 days this month.  And tomorrow is MLK day - yet another reason to keep him home.  I love this man to pieces, you know that I do!  However, he is cramping my style.  Whenever I am cleaning, he decides to tell me another spot that needs attention.  At the risk of hurting his feelings, I asked this afternoon that since his vision was still so good, I was in hopes that his arms and legs still worked well enough to bend over and clean.  Oh, wicked woman that I am.

I am certain that there are other woman who share my plight.  Is it just me or do other gals have a difficult time getting 'er done when the menfolk are around??  Good grief, just sit in front of the tv and watch football.  I don't mind.  Just don't add to my list of what needs to be done. 
The end.