Saturday, April 25, 2009

More tantalizing tidbits!

Have you ever thought, gee which came first the chicken or the egg? Well, folksies, we at the Humble Arts have got all the bases covered. We have hens, roosters, eggs - the whole gambit of goodies for you to choose from come May 1.
For those of you who like to play to win doorprizes, this tv commercial shows you just a sampling of the goodies YOU can WIN by doing a few simple things.
First, you can get one entry in the drawing for one of these goodies by putting our fun little banner on your blog.
Secondly, you can get yet another entry in by promoting our Wing Ding Chicken Fling on your own blog.
Lastly, you can find a feather on each of the participating member's blogs - find the feather, email the member blogger with WHERE you found the feather.
On May 1, we will also have a few feathers flying around The Humble Arts. Find those and you will get YET ANOTHER entry! Wee Dawgies!

If you have just arrived and are wondering how to go about getting the banners and links, please read the thread below. Any questions? Email me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay folks
Here is the first rule of the Humble Arts Wing Ding Chicken Fling giveaways.
Take either picture below and post it to your blog. Leave a comment here, letting me know that you have done so. That is one automatic name in the pot for the drawings.
I will be posting some pics of the giveaways later.
If you would be so kind as to place this in your sidebar with a html/javascript, linking it to with the ((a href="")) link, we will all be clucking like hens together! Yippee! Let the fun begin. If you aren't sure what the heckfire shoot I am talking about, just email me and I will walk you through it. Easy Peasy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here a chick, there a chick, and Giveaways

My gal pals at The Humble Arts have challenged each other to creating chickens for our May edition. We've been clucking around some ideas and have decided that we want to do some giveaways as well. There will be plenty of goodies to go around.

Now to qualify for the giveaways, we will be hiding feathers within the blogs of the Humble Artists blogs. (You will find the links in my right hand column.)

Check back later for more details . . .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has really Sprung

Hello Folksies
I finally saw something today that I thought had vanished from my world. The sun. Yep. The actual, honest to goodness SUN came out today. I hated that I had to work! I wanted to be home playing, frolicking, dancing in the great outdoors. But I did the next best thing. When I got home just a wee bit ago, I took some pics to share with you. Things are really starting to come alive and bloom. It is still pretty chilly here most mornings and evenings (and some days too!) But these brave flora and fauna have been waking up and unfurling their beautimous bounty for me to see.
Below is my first azalea to bloom each year. It's in the front yard under my huge old oak tree. This was the first plant I put in the ground when I moved in this house 16 years ago. Yeah, it was one of those almost free because it's almost dead plants. My yard is full of those~

Above is my oregano already poking back up next to my trusty rusty old victory garden shovel.

Now this little lilac is very special to me. Both of my grannies are long, long gone. They loved each other as kindred spirits as soon as they met. They shared their love of family, stitching and gardening. They often exchanged seeds, starts, etc. This lilac was one of the sprigs that my NY Granny gave my hillbilly granny 62 years ago. I thought it was lost to me three years ago as it got all woody, no blooms and in general, doing it's swan song. One of my dear clients, a master gardener at 95 years young, told me to cut it back quite severely. I figured, what the heck. I did, it lived and is growing back nicely these days.

Here is some more of my hillbilly granny - This little patch of phlox has been salvaged and brought back to life recently. I am tickled!

Okay, you KNOW that I had to stick a weed in here. But I loves me some ajuga or commonly known as bugle weed. It is quite regal and proud. I dig it up wherever I see it in the yard and
place it where I want. I hate for it to be cut down. It only blooms a short while.

Okie Dokie, that's my blurb of happiness for the day. Hope everyone else starts to get some
good things blooming.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm a Winner!

Well hush my mouth! I am one lucky girlie today! Got online and the first email I see is from lovely and talented Mary of Something about Mary C.
Mary was having a giveaway for visiting her blog. Guess what? I won! Yippee.
Thank you MaryC! Friends, she is a must read each day. I must admit to reading all her archives once I discovered her. Which is a domino effect; I found Mary through: Nicola.

You know folksies, we are all winners in this blogging thing. I mean, people find their way to your blog, read about your thoughts, and sometimes they will respond. When they do, you have made a new acquaintance. I have been online for about 12 years or more. During that time I have made some great acquaintances and some very true and real friends.

Anyhoo, thanks MaryC. If you really KNEW how MUCH coffee I actually consume, you would know for certain that the random generator could smell it brewing from here.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new language

I know that it's said you can't teach an old dog new tricks but I just refuse to believe it! For pete's sake, I learn new stuff every day. For example, I am learning a new language. Actually been learning it for a few years. I call it googlish. Each time I visit someone's blog I must enter a new word. I find it most amusing. That's better than being aggravated. I have even begun to understand some of this new googlish. Take this one:
phently - It could mean many things but looks like faintly to me. How about quatibil -
that one could be trickier. Could it mean gullible or another expletive expression for What? Another bill???

When I was a kid, my folks would speak pig latin at the dinner table. Quite infuriating to nosey 8 year olds. Well sir, we bloggers now have our own form of pig latin and no one will know our secret language but us. How about some whown dical tyang undepre ilicalim to go with your ssesl tohoo cedntes. Reati?

Betcha I could finally win a scrabble game with any given letter in my tray these days! Oh wait a minute! So that's how they come up with these words!