Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snowfall of this Season

Yesterday early afternoon while I was still at work, the snow started falling.  When I left to come home there was already close to 3 inches.  Northern visitors, that is a LOT for this area, this early in the season.  This morning the sun is out, the wind is blowing and I reckon it will fade the snow.  Confidentially speaking, I am hoping it is gone by Monday morning.  We do not need a snow day yet.  Good grief.  If hubs is home, I NEVER get much done.  Why is that?

Still not ready for Christmas.  I tell you, I have had the hardest time keeping up with TIME this year.   I haven't been able to capture it,  hold on to it  ~  and wait, hold the presses, here is a flash for you  ~  I haven't been able to make it stand still!  So, while the roads are still slick, and I can't really get out anywhere, I will just go downstairs, play with Dinah Kitty and sew.  Those gifties don't sew themselves.

Be blessed this day.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let the Joyous Season begin

Folks either love or hate this time of year.   That doesn't necessarily make you a Bob Cratchett or Ebenezer Scrooge.  While I am a bit of a Pollyanna, playing the glad game each and every day, I do not have my head in the sand.  I choose to look for the silver lining in gathering dark clouds.  I like to smile and vehemently resist saying Bah! Humburg! 

Fall is my favorite time of year, climate wise.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. I declare over half of my caloric intake for the year is eaten during this season.  How I miss both of granny's and their cooking.  I have a few of their recipes - nothing tastes as good or the same as when I was a kid.
I am married to a man that loves Christmas.  He is the Clark Griswold of our family.  We keep a grateful heart open on Thanksgiving for the blessings of the Lord.  However,  Luscious Larry  loves Christmas.  It wouldn't matter if there were empty boxes wrapped under the tree.  He thoroughly enjoys the lights, music, look and feel of Christmas.  I can pretty much guarantee our tree will be up by tomorrow night.  The Christmas CDs and DVD's will be out, front and center.  He has every remake of A Christmas Carol that is available.  Notice I say available.  He is currently awaiting the release of the Jim Carey one from last year.
Each night we will sip our hot chocolate or egg nog and watch the same old movies including It's A Wonderful Life and Home Alone (one of my personal favs.)

But for now, I need to finish the dinner preparations for Turkey Day.  I won't forget to say a proper thanks for each of my online sisters and brothers who  add so much to my life daily, weekly, yearly.   I hope each of you gets your fill of all the yumminess of the goodies.  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This and that and Christmas, too

I, for one, cannot believe it is the middle of November.  That Thanksgiving is next week, fully aware that Christmas is coming on strong.

How did this happen?  Everyone has the same amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days in the year. I used to be pretty good at juggling and multi tasking.  I never paid attention to the time thing. But these days, it just zips by and I am standing here, mouth open, shaking my head saying What???

So I am not even close to being prepared this year. I normally shop and sew all year for the Holidays.  Not this year.  I haven't even figured out what's being served at Thanksgiving down at the folks. Oh yeah, Big Bird.  That's a given. What else?  I don't enjoy the cooking like I used to. I think I need to surf for inspiration or even dig out some of my old notebooks of recipes and ideas.   That should help spur me on.

But what can be done about the time passing so quickly?  Why can't  I jar it like I use to the little fireflies? 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, ButterflyChic, my only baby girl, is having a Followers Giveaway!  You really need to hop or click on the picture above to bring you to her page.  She gives all the caveats there.  Oh, and the giveaway consists of a nice gift for you, or would make a nice stocking stuffer for someone needing a last minute gift!

This is an adorable set of four flip flop coasters!  So hurry - this giveaway will end on December 1 !!  

Hmmm, wonder why I feel like saying aflack?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Paul

You don't have to read this post.  I am certain that it will embarrass my son if he were to read this.  Thankfully (for me), if there is one thing I am certain of, Paul will not be reading this.  So I reckon I can write all sorts of embarrassing things relating to his childhood.  I don't think I will though.  Let me say that I am proud to be the Mom of this bright man.

He entered this world in a big hurry - three months preemie - basically sent home when he weighed just a smidgen over 4 pounds.  He walked at 10 months and spoke intelligently at 18 months. He still has the curiosity of a kitten.  When he was in high school, I actually had a teacher send me a letter Thanking Me for giving birth to Paul.  He was the one student she had waited a career for.  He was always a hard act for his younger siblings to follow.

Gosh Moms, do you remember the absolute awesome love you felt with your first born?  There was never a love so grand.  I couldn't take my eyes off of him.  I would actually vacuum while holding him in my arms!  Talk about smitten!

 The song playing now, You are my sunshine was his first favorite song.  I used to sing it to him when I would rock him - along with loads of other songs.  It would calm him down if he was fussy.  When he was about 10 years old, he came down with a horrible flu.  I was putting cold cloths on his feverish forehead.  I started to sing You are my sunshine to him.  He put his hand over my mouth and said,  "Never sing that song again.  It is too happy sad for my heart. "   Was it the bittersweet words, his fever or gasp! my voice that compelled him to make me stop?   I am still pondering that one. I guess for me that now whenever I hear it, I weep a bit.  Perhaps it is too happy sad my for heart as well?

He was the right child to be the first born.  He was just knowledgeable enough to be bossy enough.  His brother and sister still adore him, and quite frankly feel that they will never be his equal.  Now don't go asking me where that comes from!  I sure don't feel that way about my older brother!!

He is a married man now with a lovely wife of his own.  He is no longer my boy.  I remember all my life hearing the adage, "a son is yours until he takes a wife, a daughter is yours all of your life."  Paul was not mine from the time he left home for college.  I never have quite gotten over the fact that he grew up and left me.  I knew from the time he was born that he would never be mine for long enough. 

So to complete this terribly personal piece, I want to say that I have thanked God each day for presenting me with what I consider the first of many, Many blessings in my life.  Happy Birthday, Paul.
I only have one question - how come we don't celebrate Moms on the kids birthday?  We're the ones who carried that weight, were exultant in that final push into this world and spent years helping you to become who you are.  Oh well. I am a middle child. We middle children generally think this way.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

~ To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain. ~ Louis L’Amour

I got up at my usual time this morning at dark thirty.  I was not as lethargic as I normally am before my first cup of coffee.  I got up full of ambition and one goal in mind.  Today I get to vote.  Now I have already forgotten how many elections I have voted in.  Some are milestones for me.  I have grown over the years, and remember some votes that I cast that I long regretted in many years past. 

Politicians are like diapers.  They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.  ~Author Unknown

I stood in line at 6:30 a.m., waiting for the polls to open.  Surrounded by a few dozen other folks, staunchly standing in the cold breezy morning air, there was a feeling of anticipation.  Normally, I vote later in the day, but not this day.

People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people.  Of course, that is not true.  Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing.  ~Walter H. Judd

I stood there praying for all the candidates, for America, our leaders, but mostly for the citizens of this great country.  I prayed for those younger generation who have not voted for the first time, and wonder if they will ever know the freedoms we have already lost.

Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.  ~Richard Armour

 I am registered as an Independent.  I like to think that I stand neither right or left.  I like to think that I have common sense.  I do my due diligence and study up on the issues at hand, research the incumbents to see their voting record, and learn as much as I can about the up and comers.

~ Millions of votes are thrown out  in election after election in this country. Now that's a story. ~

One great concern of mine this mid term election should be of concern to all Americans.
If illegal aliens are allowed to vote in this country, does that not diminish the voices of those who are not only born citizens but those who became American Citizens through the very machinery that was put in place to protect all of us?  And what of our military who are stationed overseas? Their votes are cast out while illegals get a voice?  Wake up, people! 

I hope that each person reading this in America has a stirring to vote their convictions and conscious.   Pray for this country.  Pray for it’s citizens.  Remember those who have given their lives to keep your freedom and the right to vote alive.

George Washington is the only president who didn't blame the previous administration for his troubles.  ~Author Unknown

Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh My, It's November!

I cannot believe it is November already!  Why does that strike a fear of being late deep inside of me?
Perhaps it is because Christmas is right around the corner?!  I have been busy, I promise that I have.  However, it seems as if there is never enough time to feel totally prepared for "the day".

I recently completed a very special lap quilt for my dear Daddy.  I was thinking of saving it for a Christmas giftie.  Unfortunately, he got a glimpse of it beforehand and nagged me and nagged me until I finished it and gave it to him.
Here he is with it.  He is quite pleased to have something keep his toe-sies warm.  It turned out larger than a traditional lap quilt but smaller than a twin size.  Now, what do I make him for Christmas?

You see, it is a tradition for me to make most of the family gifts.  I purchase what nots and small gifts through out the year to add to their haul.  I need to get that sewing machine humming again.  Hmmmmmm, goes my brain. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A revealing game for me

Hello folksies!  Well, my dear daughter Sarah, has sent me this game to play.  Don't worry; I won't pass it on to you.  But to keep the little wolf from my door, I shall play along. She sent me nine questions to answer, so here goes:        
1. What is your favorite recipe?    
* I like food; I don't necessarily enjoy cooking as much as I used to but I reckon I enjoy making spaghetti sauce up the best.  A little wine makes it a miracle food.      
2. What are your hobbies?     
* I enjoy sewing, quilting, doll making, painting, crocheting, embroidery, gardening       
3. What is your favorite movie to watch when you are sick?     * Oh so many movies to choose from.  But since I was sick last week and watched a lot of old Turner Classic movies.  I would say that the Maltese Falcon would be a good one to watch.       
4 If you could be any animal, what would you be?    
* Now does this imply as a pet or animal in general?  I would say a bird.  Then I could sing and fly away wherever I wanted to.  I've always heard that Paris is lovely in the spring . . .       
5 What is your favorite book?     * 
Two books:    
* To Kill A Mockingbird     and  Rebecca     * 
6 What would you do if you won the lottery?    
* Hmmmmm.  I would take care of my family, but not to the point where they would get lazy.  I, of course, would retire, buy all the fabric I wanted - heckfire shoot!  A fabric store, perhaps.  I would get fancy sewing machines and maybe even a longarm quilter.      
  7You are in your car, where are you driving to?    
* Attempting to sing      
8 What do you love about Fall?
The cool air and the colors.     
  9 Finish the sentence: I'd like to _____.     * 
I'd like to be able to go back in time and enjoy my kids all over again. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Ec

 I failed Home Ec.  - sewing project in particular.   Sad fact but true.  Mrs. Hack was not pleased with me in 7th grade. I declare she had it in for me!   You see, I didn't follow her instructions on how to put in a zipper.  I had already been sewing for two years, making my own skirts and dresses with zippers and the popular pin tucks back then.  Back then, girls wore skirts and dresses to school.  No pants allowed.  I had already been taught by my mother in the art of zippering.  I tried Mrs. Hack's way but it just didn't look as good to me as the way my mother taught me.  So, when I finished my red plaid jumper, it was a big fat F.   I was almost afraid to let my folks know.  However, my mother, always the staunch seeker of what's important and what's piddling stuff, long before there were soccer moms, told me the teacher needed a broader view of sewing.  In essence, she was stoopie!  Now for my mom to call someone STOOPIE was akin to cursing.  I mean I used to get soap in my mouth back then for saying "darn it".
Not many schools offer Home Ec. any longer.  I know I am dating myself here but gosh, it was required to get out of seventh grade.  While I got a failing grade on the zipper insertion, I did learn a lot from my teacher.  I learned how to cook fresh asparagus,  use a timer - a handy dandy tool I often use when I am sitting in front of the computer - I learned or rather re learned the daily tasks of house keeping.  We were taught how to make a menu, iron, and set a table.  My mom is a great homemaker and had already schooled me in a lot of housework chores.  But I still learned recipes that I still use today.
I don't know when Home Ec fell into oblivion.  Recently,  I understand the high schools are teaching young girls how to care for a newborn.  They are assigned a doll that cries every so often for feeding, changing ~ really?  But what about how to cook for your family?  With the headlines screaming about obesity in the population, it would make sense to me to teach nutrition and how to achieve a balanced meal?

Any longer it is not thrifty to make clothes from scratch like when I was a teen.  Good fabric is expensive!  We can get cheap clothes from overseas.  Of course they won't last a season most of the time and please buy a size or two larger because once laundered, they will shrink into XXS.

I am sad for the generations that do not learn the discipline of planning out a menu and then shopping for it.  In these days of wash and wear, how many know how to iron?  Or what it is. lol?  It was always my least favorite chore, ironing my dad's work clothes, heckfire shoot! Back then we even ironed pillow slips and sheets!
On occasion I think of Mrs. Hack when I am sewing on dolls, quilts, table runners, pillows, quillows, curtains and when I am completed I often think, Not bad for a Home Ec failure.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Carolina In My Mind

I love Fall.  It is my favorite time of year.  And for many years, during the fall of the year I would get so homesick that whenever I would hear the song Carolina In My Mind I would weep. 

I have lived all over this wonderful country from the east coast to the west coast, from the north and to the south.  And in some of those states, most noteably, Florida and  California, where I lived for a good number of years, there was not a real noticeable change of seasons.  Of course, these states offer  their own captivating beauty but they weren't my home.

I missed the smell of wood burning stoves early in the morning ~ smoke that permeated the fragrant heralding of cool nights.  I missed the beauty of first frost and how good a cup of hot cocoa tastes in front of a bonfire. I missed how the stars looked from my Carolina backyard.  But most of all I missed my family.  I missed my Granny telling me to count the foggy mornings in August to find out how many snow days we would have that winter.  Or how to tell by the wooly worms if winter would be short or long depending on the width of the rings on their body.  I missed having a real reason to snuggle under a soft quilt and I missed picking my own apples to carve a doll face from.

One time, while living in Orlando, I was particularly homesick.  The kids were wee little ones.  Our house had a fireplace.  (Who in Orlando uses them, much less needs them? I reckon it's for the ambience?)  I had the kids go gather all the leaves and twigs that they could find.  We placed them in paper bags, opened the flu, cranked the AC to maximum and created our own autumn festival.  My neighbors knew I was the odd one on the street.  You know, the Mom who would throw un-birthday parties, take the neighborhood kids in the backyard on a search for shelf fungi, you know, the odd one.  And one time, when I lived in Southern California, while  pregnant with my middle child and so very homesick for anyone with a southern accent, that my ex drove me up to Big Bear area.  Now that is a mountain range!  I did get to see beautiful fall foliage and gathered the LARGEST pinecones ever. 

The first year I moved the kids back home, 17 years ago, will always be fresh in my mind.  The children had never seen leaves changing their color.  I introduced them to the sheer joy of raking up mountains of leaves and jumping in them.  We foraged for acorns and pinecones to make a wreath.  And we carved  a pumpkin for the first time.  In my memory it was the finest carved pumpkin, let me tell you Martha Stewart had nothing over the masterpiece my crew came up with!

My kids are grown now, each living in their own place.  They still love fall.  They may not enjoy raking leaves as much these days, and perhaps they view acorns littering the walkways as ankle breakers, but they still enjoy the nostalgic memory of  homecoming when a wisp of wood smoke is in the air.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am married to an Eeyore.

Not that it’s a bad thing.  Eeyore’s are faithful friends, always glad to commiserate with you on any thing.  Especially if it’s something gloomy like the rain, a pain in your tushie, rotted veggies in your garden, squirrels in your bird feeder,
and lack of just about anything.  

  It will soon be my anniversary and so I have been thinking of what to give my Luscious man.  When we were courting, I told him, I said ~ “I don’t need a man, I need a donkey!”
To which he replied, “Where in the back forty do you want me?  I’ll click my heels up for you”.  Words of such endearment won my heart.  Over the years I have become very accustomed to his ways.  He is such a big teddy bear but I am more of a Pooh and he is more the Eeyore.  For example, these Eeyore quotes could’ve come out of Luscious Larry’s mouth:

"A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference. Or so they say."

"When you shout 'Is anybody at home?' into a rabbit hole, and a voice answers 'No!' it probably means you're not welcome."

"When someone says 'How-do-you-do," just say that you didn't."

The kids will tell you that he will always come through for them in true Eeyore fashion.
Always on time – which is his time – and will always say Luv when he says good bye.

When he leaves for work in the morning, I kiss him goodbye and have to bite back the sage words of Eeyore “Have a nice day, it’ll probably rain”.  He already knows that.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jack, Jill, that Hill and why water is necessary

When I was a little girl I spent many a wonderful summer day with my cousin Butch.

My brother and I, along with my cousin Butch would play Cowboys and Indians, climb trees, and spend our mornings damming
up Uncle Andy's creek so we could swim and catch crawfish. Uncle Andy was our Granny's uncle.  He had been married four times, each time to a lady who had the name Mary.

That is another story in itself since Andy lived to be 99.

Our granny lived up the dirt road from Uncle Andy.  She and Poppa Coy had a log cabin, lots of fruit trees, chickens, some hogs (I loved the little piglets) and of course, a big garden patch.  There was no electricity in the cabin, no running water nor was there indoor plumbing.  She had a big two seater johnny out back. Perhaps that was where I learned my fear of spiders.

But that is another story.

We always were mindful of the bull at Uncle Andy's.  He always stood under a tree on the big hill way far up on the property. To get to the creek, we had to pass through the pasture, watching our step for cow patties with one eye and the other eye always on the bull.  One summer day, after a particularly satisfying time sliding from the big mossy rock in the middle of the creek into the cool water, we began our journey back home. Coming out of the thicket, into the pasture we surveyed our position and that of the bull. Certain that he was oblivious to us, we started trudging along, our soggy, slick clothes sticking to us - I remember how good that cold
felt on such a hot day.  The boys were always ahead of me, always trying to lose me, a tagalong interloper that was a stinking GIRL.

The bull noticed us this time.  Probably because the boys were jumping up and down, hooting and hollering all at the top of their lungs. Perhaps he was merely curious about us - in retrospect, I choose to think that.

However, when the boys saw him coming down the hill at a fairly good clip, they screamed RUN!  Looking for the bull under the tree, it registered in my brain that he was heading our way.  I began running down the hill as fast as my fat little legs could carry me.  I declare I could feel his breath snorting down my neck!  I slipped in a particularly fresh pile and lost my footing.  I rolled down the rest of the hill, much like Jack and Jill.  After I scrambled back to my feet, I saw the boys with Uncle Andy leaning against the gate post. They were laughing.  Winded, wet from the creek, stained from head to toe with grass  and fresh manure, I surely must have been a sight.  I didn't stop running until I was under the fence and standing behind Uncle Andy.
The bull was standing back under the tree.  It appears that he lost interest in us fairly quickly and trudged back up the hill to his shady spot to watch this blonde headed gal in pig tails roll through the muck all the way down that hill.

That story is still legend on the Hill.  I have put enough years behind me to find it mildly amusing these days.  Butch still finds it rather hilarious.  He took relish in sharing that particular story of my youth with Larry this past weekend.  We had need of Butch - he has a backhoe and we had a fierce break in our water line.  All weekend he and Larry dug a new trench and laid the line, finally connecting the new pipe and restoring my sanity.  Butch regaled my big man with every story that I had almost forgotten from those lazy summer days.  How nice it would be to return to those halcyon days, hiding away from the world in the dreaming tree, watching the rain walk up the road, sitting out back snapping beans with my granny once more, and never wondering how I am going to pay a $1200.00 water bill.

       my cousin Butch

 (this is an OLD post from 2007.  I am posting it because I have just finished paying off the $1200 water bill that wound up costing me $1500 with interest accrued.  Greedy rascals)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My fingers are happiest

when I am able to sit a while and sew, sculpt , create.  I have been busy making gifts - thinking Christmas, don't you know! I am slowly but surely filling up my gift closet with little sweet things that I am hopeful will delight friends and family.

 first up is a lovely summer runner using a paper pieced pattern called a spider web
 Here is a duo of pincushions.  The one on the right is made from all scraps, foundation pieced and used on the top layer of the pinnie
 ornies are always welcome.  Scandinavian woven hearts always adorn our tree with candies.  Little mittens cut from felted sweater
 here is only one of the many skillet holders and pot holders I have been making.  They have been lined with heat resistant thermal lining.

Busy day at work ahead.  Hoping that each and every one is enjoying the crisp fall mornings.  I thrive on it, just as I thrive on the chaos which surrounds my life.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why should I be sad?

Last evening, my son in law (Jason) lost his first love, Misty.  Misty was a Sheltie of the first water.  She had no enemies, except a few squirrels she enjoyed chasing in years past.  Jason received her as a gift for his graduation from high school.  Misty knew only one true love and that was our J.  She was however, the most patient and loving creature.  Intelligent, playful, and oh so snuggable.  I loved Misty.  She was my first grand.

The past year has seen her showing her age, up until the past few weeks when she really was in her final days.  Now don't go thinking, why didn't they get her to a vet.  When the cost of a vet is higher than a medical doctor, and a pet is at the age Misty was, it didn't make sense.  So Sarah and J. kept a close eye on her, kept her as comfy as they could, knowing that the inevitable was closing in.  Last evening they came home and with much tears and sorrow, laid her to rest.  I had a hard time going to sleep, all I could see was her beautiful face and wagging tail.  I prayed for my dear son Jason.  And my daughter.  I will miss Misty for all the goodness she represented in their house.  Her waggy welcome, her sidling up unobtrusively for a gentle stroke first on her head, quickly rolling over for her belly rub.  She was a queen mother to the other four footed gang in that house.  She kept them in line and taught them the ropes.

I believe that Misty is back in rare form, roaming heaven, playing ball, getting lots of love.  I realize that some do not believe that animals will be in heaven.  But I do.  God has given these precious ones into our care for many reasons.  Protection, affection, company, healing, and I believe that if Jesus Christ is returning on a white horse, then where would that horse come from? 

Enjoy your new freedom of agelessness, Misty.  We will miss you here on earth but know that you will never be forgotten.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Can you help me out?

Hey folksies
Don't want to let October slip away without at least an update or two.  Right at the present time I am enjoying the crisp fall weather that has swept my part of the world.  Hope it remains cool - not ready for winter yet but fall is definitely my most favorite time of year.

For any of you who quilt or know quilt histories, I am on a quest.  Below is an image of an old quilt that was gifted to me some years back.  It has long been the object of my affection, not quite shabby enough to be a cutter yet, but oh so beckoning with it's loveliness.
Can any of you tell me anything about the pattern used here:

 This isn't a huge quilt; the blocks themselves are only about 14 inches squared each.  The small squares are approx. 1/2 in each. 
Such a lovely piece of history and I would love to know more of it.  Can you help?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Okay, here's the deal

you need to know that I get easily overwhelmed lately.  In case you haven't noticed, I have had like 7 or 8 other posts the entire YEAR!  Now, I would be happy to let you know that I live such an extraordinary life, etc. etc.

But the truth of the matter is this.  I have been overwhelmed with life in general.  My folks have been requiring more of my time and then there is the matter of daily living.  You know, trying to eek out a meager existence to keep a roof over our head.  I get online to check my emails, on a rare occasion I will stop by and read a blog or two, but, honestly, when I get overwhelmed, I am not a good time manager for ME time. 

I will attempt once again to stay in touch with so many special friends via this blog.

Since my last post in July, I have finished that strippy quilt - it is very lovely on my bed.  I took advantage of visiting kin with the folks and got my bedroom painted.  It is lovely.  The pics I have taken just look blah humbug but I painted one wall red and the other three walls a pale butter yellow.  All the trim in white enamel.  So crisp and clean.  Even Luscious surprised himself when he came home and saw my handiwork.  It has been the boost the old fella needed to help with the rest of the house. We will be doing the hall soon.  Each time I go down the hall, I snatch off some wallpaper.  It is quite a stress buster to pull that old stuff off!!

One evening last week when I woke up at dark thirty, I went down the stairs and made a few new table runners.  Two were gifties and one I decided to keep for myself.  It is in autumn colors and turned out quite nice.

It is a design called a friendship braid.  There are lots of tuts out there for them; the easiest and funnest tutorial is by Missouri Star Quilt Company on youtube. 

I am almost finished with a very special lap quilt and will take pics of that soon.

Bear with me folksies.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost completed

I have been spending spare moments when I am not in the garden making a new quilt for this winter.  Making a decision to use all my scraps earlier this year seemed daunting.  I wanted a quick quilt that didn't require a lot of little brain cells busting.  I prefer foundation piecing for the most part, so it was only natural that I settled on a string quilt.  Scrappy quilts are my most favorite and this quilt is certainly that!  I chose to sash each block set with black fabric which sets off the serendipity of colors quite well. 

For the sheer fun of whimsy I did an occasional applique of flowers to remind me of my summer season.

 This will be a quite generous queen size quilt.  Quite selfishly I decided I wanted a big enough quilt for those three dog nights when Luscious Larry grabs the covers up, he will have to tug quite a lot to take up my share of the warmth! ha!  All that is left now is to attach the backing.  I will enjoy the handwork after sitting at the machine.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Why am I putting a delay on comments?  Because, daily I am getting Chinese comments.  I delete themand today decided to do a translation.  It was an open invitation to view pornography!!!  The only way I can
stop this invasion is to moderate comments. The word verification did not stop it at all

Sorry friends.  I am so weary of c-r-a-p!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

D Day - 66 years later

Sixty six years ago, my Daddy landed on the beaches of Normandy.  It was Omaha Beach.  6 in the morning.
When I was a little girl and war movies would come on tv, it was a rarity for him to watch them.  Occasionally he would watch weekly comedy shows like Hogan's Heros and McHales Navy.  Now that he has decades between himself and that day, he wants to talk about this day. 

When the movie Saving Private Ryan came out several years ago, I just knew he wouldn't want to see it. I remembered the nightmares he would have while I was growing up.  But he did watch it, tears streaming down his face.  He kept saying over and over again, "how in the world did they get it so right?"

We always fly flags here on the Hill.  Daddy, I don't know how they got it so right in that film, but I am so very glad that the Allies got it right. 

God bless America.  Thank a veteran today, even if it isn't Memorial Day, Veterans Day. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How I spent my holiday

Ahh, Memorial Day.  The Unofficial First Day of Summer!  Parades, flag flying, family remembrances, cook outs, the always expected pop up down pours, yes, Memorial Day is fun for so many reasons.  This year was no different, but oh so different.

I know I will be showing my age here, but, I remember when it was a big holiday for everyone.  This year, my kids had to work, so no cook out with them.  My folks are not into grilling this particular day.  L:ke me,  they were counting it as a day off from Dr visits, IV's, and wanting to lay about like a lounge lizard. Even Luscious was not at his peak, due to a summer cold.  Sigh.

Not to be denied a bit of fun, I embarked on a great one day project.  You know me, always looking for something to keep my hands busy.  Recently, I found a patio set leaning against the dumpsters where I work.  Being a dumpster diving diva from way back, I snagged it for my daughter and just knew I could get it cleaned up and in shape in no time.  Here is what it looked like when I carried it home:

Some pretty serious elbow grease was needed.  Being a child of those who were raised in the great depression, I learned how to re use and fix all sorts of things.  Like how to re use aluminum foil, de grease and rework screws and nuts and bolts and I also learned how to clean rusty objects with the handy dandy naval jelly.  First I scoured the base and table with a strong wire brush and then applied the naval jelly.

While this sits around starting to do it's naval jelly thing, I began firing up the grill in order to make these:

When the aroma of burgers over charcoal reached Luscious Larry's olfactory sense, he pulled himself off the sofa to come outside to play.  The fresh air made him feel a wee bit better.  Goody for me.  He got to finish the burgers off while I went off to check on the progress the naval jelly was making.

As you can it, it's WORKING!  I began in earnest scrubbing it with screen paper - like sandpaper but QUICKER; and rinsing it all off preparing to paint it.
  I applied the rust prevent primer - wow quick drying and got to do a quick one coat to the top and underside of the table and base.
The burgers were ready by then:

We carried a few tempting morsels down the hill to the folks, played with the newest edition to stray into their yard:

After a bit of time with the folks, we went back up the hill to survey our small garden patch.
 This is just one of the veggies plots we have.  This is for our squash, zucchini and a few beans.
We are so glad that we checked it - we found some surprises!
There were several squash ready to be picked.  Hubs always gives our first harvest pick to friends and family. 

To end this very long day saga, I will say that I didn't get to finish the patio set but it is like my house.  It is patient and will be finished today. I hope.

While we didn't attend a parade, we did not forget to honor the many who have served their country, offering the greatest sacrifice - their lives.  We are proud to be Americans!  We are proud of our men and women near and far.  God Bless America!