Monday, May 17, 2010

Everything's coming up roses and peonies and hollyhocks and wisteria and . . .

Everyone and everything is happy here on The Hill.  The birdies are singing sweetly,  feathering their nests, it is raining when it should (most of the time) to help my veggie garden grow.  My usual suspects of volunteers are returning with gusto.  All in all I am a happy girl.
 blueberries are setting their fruit.  mmmm, I can taste those muffins now!  Sweeter than candy.

the peonies and foxglove are especially lovely this year

 And just his morning, look at what I spied!  My very favorite of all; the happy go lucky Rudibeckia.

I hope you can be as happy as a flower, content to shine and bring a smile to someone's face.