Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus

I strip pieced and hand quilted robe and then decided to decoupage hit hat. He is a good sitter, waiting patiently for accoutrements. I am thinking that since he is a scrappy santa, he may need a scrappy quilt to go along with him. And I think I have just the leftover squares to accomplish that.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Middle Monday of the Month

I don't know about you, but, I tend to get excited at this time of year. I am grooving on the cooler mornings and evenings. I mean open the windows up and pull up a light quilt excited! I mean, the leaves are going to be changing their clothes color soon excited! Sure, the days are still hot as blue blazes but Oh How I Love Fall! And Autumn! Whatever you call it, for me it also means getting some of my houseplants which have been enjoying the fresh air all spring and summer ready to come back inside. It also means that some of the rootings I have been working on will be put in new containers.

I am never quite ready for any season, except in my mind. You know me ~ I have the most productive mind ~ just don't always get the rest of me in gear. Well, this morning as I was cleaning the kitchen, I plucked the coffee can my hubs placed in the garbage can out. I decided I could use it as a holding planter for a rooting or two.

Now this has been done for years, so I am not as original as you may think. hehehe

Here's what I did:

Start with a coffee can

poke a few holes in the bottom. Can you tell I didn't use a hammer? I worked out all the caffeine buzz just whacking the heckfire shoot with a flat head screwdriver. Use a hammer unless you have had your coffee or spinach for the day

Here is the fun part. Purchase some shelf paper rolls (or book cover roll as it is called in some areas). Measure it out - so easy peasy because it already has a grid to mark and cut!

Now you are ready to roll! The backing peels off so nicely. If you take your time, you won't get air bubbles or wrinkles, either.

Isn't this just too cutesy?

Tada! By next spring this little pot will be overflowing with more growth.

Have a fun day!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Guess who's coming to town?

About this time of year I start getting requests for some Santa and Witchies. Thought I would share a sneak at one. The man in red will be arriving soon - he still needs his beauty sleep for now. More later . . .

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Welcome September

I think like most folks, I view September as a month of remembrances. Things that should not be forgotten.

I used to think of September as back to school time, but now that most traditional schools start back in August, I remember the days of a full summer ending after Labor Day. Aahh, Labor Day. Summer's last hurrah! Backyard celebrations, frisbee flying, and heralding shorter daylight hours.

I also remember at this time of year, that fall is on the way. Yes, it is still as hot as blue blazes during the day and cooler in the dark early morning hours. Have you ever noticed how many pretty webbies are being built during this time of year?
Now most of you know how absolutely petrified of spiders I am. I lived in Florida long enough to see some the size of garbage trucks. Enough said. However, I do marvel at their artwork. But they ALWAYS have a "trip wire" attached them, generally across the shrubs that line either side of my front walk. And then there is the huge oak that they can drop out of. I tend to carry a stick or broom with me when I venture out in the wee hours of the morning because I can't wait to destroy them before I walk into them. Just imagine me, slippers on, towel over my head (don't want nasty buggers in my hair! ), and a broom being swung wildly around me while I walk out my door. That's a piece of cake. Now, if my hubs has left the porch light on all night! then there could possibly be a big one hovering above the door threshold. Hey, it's happened! I am not being paranoid. Which leaves me with the problem of how do I go back in the house with that monster above my head. And notice if you will, that this is the time of year that you notice webs in the grass, INSIDE YOUR HOUSE around windows and - Oh My, I need to stop this line of thinking! I fear spiders more than the werewolves, vampires of my childhood imagination. Maybe because spiders are real and everywhere. I am sitting here shuddering.

Okay, now that I am in a sweat which is NOT from the heat, let me continue with my remembrances. Ummm, I am blank. Just the thought of spiders and I am frozen in time. Why did I have to see that trip wire this morning? I remembered that September is spider month to me.