Monday, October 27, 2008

Remnants of my garden

Seems as if all of a sudden a few of my ertswhile bloomers have decided that they like this
cool fall weather and are sending out a bright little show for me. Above is my pineapple sage, I
wish the picture really showed it's brilliant red. I keep telling y'all I am not the best picture taker

A lone azalea bud

I love the color of this morning glory, tangled all up in the garlic chives. I have
plenty of chive seeds - can you tell??
And the sweetest little cosmos growing out from under this rock. Love this pic.

Now to wait for the rest of the leaves to fall. I have gotten lazy. I merely sweep them off the
walkways and wait for barren trees to signal time to chip them up for mulch.
Have a blessed day.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Where have all the Flowers gone?

I just LOVE this time of year. Leaves are beginning to change their clothes and some are shedding them as well, letting everyone know that there is something magical about this season. The picture above was taken on the way to my daughter's house, just a short 3 minutes from me.
The mornings have been cool - not downright cold - just cool and pleasant. Sweater mornings and quilty nights.
Spring colors remind me of a peacock with the brilliance of the color after a stark winter. Fall is a lady that is breathtaking as well in the subtleness of her beauty. My own backyard is just starting to make the change.
I still have morning glories blooming - the flower stalks are setting their seeds for next year and the sweet annie is drying nicely. The artmesia is also making it's tiny flowers that I love to clip, and in a few short months will decorate my Christmas Tree with. The tansy flowers have turned from brilliant yellow to autumn brown.
I have some mums that have begun to bloom with all the fire of fall.

I really need to take a drive to the Blue Ridge soon. I am certain it is peak right now. Sigh. I love the drive around the winding roads. With the cost of fuel, I may just wander my own back forty and take pictures this year. If I do, you know that I will share them with you.