Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's Snowing over at The Humble Arts!

Come on over to The Humble Arts and take a peek.
My personal offerings are:
Mr and Mrs. Santa Claws

And a winter time mailbox to hold your goodies

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little of this and a little of that . . .

Hello Folksies
I have been absent quite a bit lately ~ lots of things to do and oh, so little
precious time.
I have finally finished up the last of the apples - some are sliced and in the
freezer for pies and fried apples; the rest has been made up into a heavenly
apple butter. The scent eminating from my kitchen has been scrumptious.

So far August has not been as hot as it normally is. I salute Mother Nature for this. Some of the old heads around here are getting rather boastful of their weather predicting skills. They are feverishly watching the squirrels, the woolly caterpillar, counting acorns, watching the black walnut trees and counting the foggy mornings. All of these and more are said to be predictors of the coming winter weather. This is most fascinating folklore. When I was growing up I was taught signs ~ cows lying in the field was a sign of rain coming, leaves that show their underside is another sign of rain ~ I tell you, we keep an eye on those cows since we are still in a moderate drought. LOL.

My garden has pretty much played out it's summer harvest. We are trying to get the fall crops in and I am not so sure I can do much there this year. I do love my cabbage, broccoli and other greens that are fall crops.

This is a snap of a few of the broccolie growing last year. It was a glorious crop - due to the fact that we kept straw mulch and toted buckets of water to them last year. I am not sure I am up to toting buckets of water out there this year. Sigh. I really would love to get a well sunk and put in a good little irrigation system. Of course, I would like a lot of things and my Daddy has always maintained that if you spit in one hand and wish with the other, look real good at what you have.

A friend pointed out this ebay auction; I read it and felt alternately giggly and sad. Thought I would share it with my little corner of blogland.

Hoping that you have a great day, I am back to clean up my kitchen.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

What a week!

Hello Friends
It has been a hot hot hot week here. Betcha it was the same where you live.
And here it is August 1! I am just so not believing that it is August already!
The above picture show is from the August edition of The Humble Arts We opened it up this morning.
I wanted to post this sooner but that is what I have to chat with you about. But first this commercial break -

We have two new faces at The Humble Arts this month - My Prim Sistas & Sherry's Cabin. You can find a link to their blogs on the right under my HARTS links. Please give their pages on the website a good look. They are very talented and we are all quite enamored with them already. Also, we have another Featured Artist this month - please don't forget to read about Joyce of Everydaysies - she is one of the most talented hand stitchers I have ever met.

Now back to the program.

I have been blocked out of my blog for a few days. Folks could read it, post a comment, but, I couldn't update it as I had hoped to. You see, I had a hold put on my blog because someone reported me for being a spammer. I am still not quite sure what I was s'posed to be spamming folks with. But it has something to do with linkages and this post is already full of them. I had to request that Blogger folks take a personal look at my blog to make sure that I was not breaking any of their rules.
Because of this frustration, I am tempted not to do any more awards. I think I am going to make this my personal rule. I will continue to be delighted with awards - everyone likes to get them. But I will not post the links to the sites on my blog. I will put them either in my column and then write each recipient and have them pick up the award but no more links for a while. Makes me a bit nervous to have some big dogs reading my page, looking for typos, poorly written essays of my day, etc. Kind of like Net Nazis.
Now, to the person who reported me, Shame on You. Life is far too short and sweet for me to hold a grudge. If you don't like what you see here, you can visit somewhere else. It is as simple as a click of the mouse.

Here is a pic of my personal offering at The Humble Arts this month. It was a lot of fun to create!

Blessings to all.