Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little of this and a little of that . . .

Hello Folksies
I have been absent quite a bit lately ~ lots of things to do and oh, so little
precious time.
I have finally finished up the last of the apples - some are sliced and in the
freezer for pies and fried apples; the rest has been made up into a heavenly
apple butter. The scent eminating from my kitchen has been scrumptious.

So far August has not been as hot as it normally is. I salute Mother Nature for this. Some of the old heads around here are getting rather boastful of their weather predicting skills. They are feverishly watching the squirrels, the woolly caterpillar, counting acorns, watching the black walnut trees and counting the foggy mornings. All of these and more are said to be predictors of the coming winter weather. This is most fascinating folklore. When I was growing up I was taught signs ~ cows lying in the field was a sign of rain coming, leaves that show their underside is another sign of rain ~ I tell you, we keep an eye on those cows since we are still in a moderate drought. LOL.

My garden has pretty much played out it's summer harvest. We are trying to get the fall crops in and I am not so sure I can do much there this year. I do love my cabbage, broccoli and other greens that are fall crops.

This is a snap of a few of the broccolie growing last year. It was a glorious crop - due to the fact that we kept straw mulch and toted buckets of water to them last year. I am not sure I am up to toting buckets of water out there this year. Sigh. I really would love to get a well sunk and put in a good little irrigation system. Of course, I would like a lot of things and my Daddy has always maintained that if you spit in one hand and wish with the other, look real good at what you have.

A friend pointed out this ebay auction; I read it and felt alternately giggly and sad. Thought I would share it with my little corner of blogland.

Hoping that you have a great day, I am back to clean up my kitchen.


Bettsi said...

Hello Darlin'! You sound a little melancholy- hope it's just my imagination. Enjoy the last bit of summer and may I say that I covet your apple butter? Mmmmmmm...!

Raggedy Angel said...

You are gonna enjoy that apple butter this winter...yum yum!
My flowers look really crappy...I am ready for mums and pansies! Thank God for the cooler weather...I am scared to get used to it!

KKJD1 said...

Yum Yum I love apple butter. I have not had much luck making butters,but I might try it again soon. So what are they predicting for the weather? Fall coming soon? I sure hope so. No it has not been as hot as usual but its still to hot for me. Sure hope cooler weather arrives soon. Have a great week whats left of it. Blessings, Karen

KernowWitch said...

Apple butter sounds scrumy....Weather's been very wet here in the UK, looking forward to autumn....Loved the ebay item, I applaude the girl....Hugs Chrissy x

quiltcrazygal said...

Hi Blondie! Wow what a wonderful garden! It has been so dry here, no rain since the middle of July. Summer has been crazy and things are beginning to settle some. My FIL is doing well, thank you for all your concern. We are so blessed. Take care! Jenna Louise

Amy said...

Apple butter is my FAVORITE!!!!!

I too watch for the leaves to turn backward before the storm. I tell my kids all sorts of different things my Grandparents told me.

I loved the one you said about the spit and wish!!


dabrah said...

My vegetable patch has been decimated by slugs, so I've broken eggshells and placed them around in the hope of deterring them. This year I'm going to follow some advice that i've read about leaving cabbage family plants in, because apparently they come back again after the cabbage butterfly season ends. Here's hoping my broccoli make a comeback!
By the way I made the blueberry muffins and they were delicious.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Gals
Apple Butter is so easy; I may have to blog about how idiot proof it is.

Beth ~ we tarheels know a prelude to Hell in August - that is why this particular one has been a blessing in cooler temps. Makes me scared for Sept to come!!

Chrissy, I LMBBO over that auction. I am quite proud of her ability with adverbs and adjectives. She could teach a course in creative writing.

Jenna ~ BIG HUGS to you and your family. The prayers haven't stopped yet.

Amy, my Daddy is full of sayings. Yep, perhaps one day you'll meet him. He will melt your heart with his Southern Charm.

Dabrah!!!!! Thank you for coming back for another visit. How happy I am that the muffins turned out yummy for you!!

Blessings to all.


PS ~ Bettsi, CYE. Love your image of the lemonades btw.

Skunk Hollow Country Store said...

Hi Blondie...Love your blog! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hia Blondie, our apples aren't ready yet. I have started on Autumn decorating and got my sister's corn craft things out. There's a lot of folk lore with those too.

Love the sayings. :-) chin up hun.

Donna said...

Goodness the apple butter sounds good!!! Bet it Did smell wonderful!!hughugs

Jeannene said...

Hey my dear stranger, but sister whom I miss very much!! Thinking of you, I hope you are having a wonderful end of your summer;-)) Are you happy that "Fall is just around the corner??"

Big hugs,

Sherry said...

Hi Blondie, how are ya? I'm so far behind on reading my favorite blogs. Apple butter, oh yummy! That ebay listing is like you said, funny but a little disturbing! Never ceases to amaze me what you will find on ebay! Take care, I'll try to check back in sooner. Sherry in IL

She'sSewPretty said...

LOL LOL at the ebay story! OMG...I wish I would have thought to do something like that years ago with the ex. I'd be rich, I tell ya!
That apple butter sounds so good. I guess it's probably not sugar free though. Dagnabbit!
Fall's coming Blondie! Take care of yourself and thanks for the giggle!

KKJD1 said...

Hey Girlie, I think everyone has been slow about blogging latley, I know I have. But did what you to know I think about you and love you and hope you are doing good. Blessings, Karen

Merrie. said...

Hi Blondie; I love your blog and think it is fantastic; I left you an award on my blog; hope you like it; I loved that Ebay link!Merrie