Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost completed

I have been spending spare moments when I am not in the garden making a new quilt for this winter.  Making a decision to use all my scraps earlier this year seemed daunting.  I wanted a quick quilt that didn't require a lot of little brain cells busting.  I prefer foundation piecing for the most part, so it was only natural that I settled on a string quilt.  Scrappy quilts are my most favorite and this quilt is certainly that!  I chose to sash each block set with black fabric which sets off the serendipity of colors quite well. 

For the sheer fun of whimsy I did an occasional applique of flowers to remind me of my summer season.

 This will be a quite generous queen size quilt.  Quite selfishly I decided I wanted a big enough quilt for those three dog nights when Luscious Larry grabs the covers up, he will have to tug quite a lot to take up my share of the warmth! ha!  All that is left now is to attach the backing.  I will enjoy the handwork after sitting at the machine.