Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen.


SayraH said...

love love love this song. Thank you for posting! Haven't heard it in awhile.
YOur tummy feel any better Mom?

Snugglebug Blessings said...

I so love Keith Green. This song says it all about Easter. He is risen from the dead for us, for our sins. God is so good. Hope you are feeling better.



twinklescrapbooks said...

Blessings! Happy belated Easter!
tina :)

KKJD1 said...

Boy I remember this song from way back! No I'm not telling my age just brought back memories forgotten! Blessings,karen

Mama from said...

I send you a kiss from France :o)
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Have a nice day!!
Mama From Sirpriz