Sunday, July 8, 2007

Did you miss me?

I missed being able to take the time to sit and write the past several days. so, I started out the top of this page with a picture of Balsam - commonly known as forget me nots.

Working outside all summer keeping the yard looking good makes me realize that its all in the details. You know how you want the inside of your house to look? The perfect choreography of furniture and accessories? Moving things around until it shouts back at you, Enough! That is how a garden is to me. I garden mostly with perennials with a dash of annuals. I move my perennials around like a chair and footstool. This year I haven't done any rearranging; just some additions. I like little surprises at each turn of the head and eye.

Another little detail that shouldn't be overlooked is the weeding out the grass and other weeds. Now you have read that I like my weeds. And I do! After all, Sweet Annie is considered a weed by most farmers, but, not by me! The problem with Annie is she always arrives uninvited in a different part of the lawn each spring. I carefully lift her from where she is and move her to where I want her to be. But regular weeding must be done. With a practiced eye, I can find the pesky ones that can overtake and multiply too quickly in the hot humid weather of summer. So, I put on my old hat, stout shoes and tackle the worst offenders.

I have found one plan to be fairly weed free to be effective and highly recommend it. That is to plant closely your perennials and in the empty spaces, the annuals. Sowing this way seems to crod out most weeds. Above is my precious Butterfly Bush. It is not in full bloom yet, however can still attract a great many butterflies and hummingbirds. It is a perennial shrub that throws its seed with the abandon of Sweet Annie. I am always plucking little volunteers up and sharing them with friends.
Enjoy the flowers.

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