Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blueberry Time!

Every year when the blueberries start coming in, I start singing an old song my Daddy used to sing"When It's Peach Picking Time in Georgia". I decided to look around the 'net and found this guy - love the way he jazzes it up. He plays guitar very similiar style as my dear Daddy.

So, you now know that the blueberries are ready for picking. Normally on an average day in peak we can pick a gallon a day. It becomes quite a festive time to call friends, tell them to bring a bucket and pick their hearts out. This year due to the poor weather cycle we are discovering that our berries are not as plentiful. We had a hard freeze on Easter while the berries were in bloom. Same for our blackberries. We are getting them picked, just find that they are not as large or as plentiful as past years.

Still, we ate blueberry pancakes for dinner this evening. Yum Yum! I enjoy a breakfast for dinner on occasion, and tonite was great. Nothing is finer than fresh picked anything!

We have two different types of blueberry bushes. We have rabbit eyes and high bush. They stand taller than my hubs and that is right tall. Birds love to nest in them. Robins, mockingbirds (watch out!) and brown thrush have all claimed the blueberries for their residence. Across from the blueberries is a tall cedar that we affectionately call our bird condo. Whoever doesn't get first dibs in on the blueberries nest in that cedar.

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Karen said...

Hi, Blondie, your blueberry photos are great...and blueberry pancakes, aieeeee yummy!