Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Heat

We heat our house with a woodstove. It is by choice since our home has electric baseboard heat. My Daddy was a welder back in the day. He made some beautiful and useful things. Like the clothesline in the backyard that will be standing long after I am gone! And the woodstove in the basement of my home. Now, for those with tender senstive eyes, I know it is an eyesore. Not a pretty picture for sure. I have toyed with the idea during off season to paint a mural etc behind it; just never have gotten around to it.
I am the official fire builder. I like making the fire up. My mom was also the fire maker in their home until they converted to oil heat a few years back. Daddy taught us how to "lay" a fire out so that it gets breathing room and doesn't need much tending until it is time for another log. It is a muti functional woodstove. It was made large enough and designed to be cooked on as well. There have been times when I have had to use it for several days in a row when the power was out. I got pretty good at gauging my cooking. And since I sew and create in the basement, I am always cozy warm, with a pot of hot steaming herbal scented water wafting through the house.
This morning was COLD - especially after the spring like weather we experienced this past week. I like my seasons to be on time! I am not wanting a repeat of last winter when it was cold, warm, cold, warm and then a HARD FREEZE at easter which killed all my blueberries blossoms and other pretties.
I have already started planning my veggie patch for this year and thinking of what to put where in the annual and perennial department. I had promised myself that I would put out more bulbs this year but never got around to that; I am wondering if it is too late to put some bulbs in pots for some spring color. I have forced bulbs before, just never did them in a pot so late in the season.
I will leave you with this cozy picture of the fire in the stove. Can't you smell the smoke from the chimney, curling up and out? That is one of my favorite comfort scents.


Donna said...

What a wonderfully, warm feeling the pictures give me! All I need now is some hot chocolate in a big fat mug!!! Much love to you and yours!!!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

Oh Blondie....we heat too with wood....there is nothing better than chili or veggie soup cooked on the woodstove!!! I may have to make some tomorrow!! mmmmmm....thanks for the "food for thought"!!

Terri said...

Ahhh! Wonderful! I can almost feel the warmth. Such memories that brings to me. Thank you for posting that.

Doreen said...

Oh...Lovely fire Blondie :). We also heat only with wood. I love it. It is so much more cozy. We actually have a woodstove in the basement and one in our dining room. Our dining room stove is our main heater..we only use the one in the basement when it gets wet down there or when the temp drops below zero for a # of days.

Happy creating in your little sounds lovely.


Amy Wagner said...

We heat our home by choice with our fireplace. Our center of our home is all brick and the fireplace is centraly located -a corner fireplace open on 2 sides with raised hearth. I think I am a pretty good fire builder too.
Thanks for sharing this post. Life is not only about roses and pink!

cora said...

Oh, Blondie! I just love the wood stove ---- and it is NOT an eye sore! I'd give anything for one, believe me. I'd love to be sitting in a rocking chair with you stitching away! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Cora