Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Greens, Black eyed Peas and Cornbread - YUM!!!

Well, today was the beginning of 2008. I betcha you want to know just what I did today. Remember back a bit ago when I said I longed for a boring life. Well, today was that kind of day, sort of. I slept in - but I stayed up until it was almost dawn - you sister boomers know all about those nights. Be honest. It's a New Year, so don't start it out by fibbing. We all have those nights where we either (a) cannot sleep or (b) wake up, hear the hubs snoring and since we love them, we decide to let them live despite the fact that WE CAN'T SLEEP with all that racket! So, we get up to do what Lady Boomers do in the middle of the night. Laundry, Sudoku, upload webpage pages, read blogs, whatever. Okay, so now you know what I did last night.
After I was awake and had the caffeine monster fed, I began my New Years Dinner. I am not certain about traditions where you live, but, in my region, it is a BIG tradition to have greens - fresh, frozen, canned, however you can get them - and they can be collards, turnips, or mixed greens. Okay, so we always have greens, a fresh big pot of black eyed peas, cornbread and we are supposed to have hog jowls. We-eee-lll, I don't do hog jowls. I have et them and have cooked them. I prefer my pork in alternate ways. Today it was with a Smithfield Pork Roast.
So, here was my dinner menu:
Pork Roast
Fresh Apple Sauce
Black eyed Peas cooked with fat back and onions
Mixed Greens also cooked with onions, vinegar and a pinch of sugar.
A piping hot skillet of corn bread - with lots of BUTTER.

A delicacy that we'uns look forward to all season. I tell you, it is soooooo good it makes you want to jump up and slap your granny. Not that we don't eat like this throughout the rest of the year, but New Years Day - Wellsir, that's tradition. The Greens you eat represent the amount of money you will receive this year. Always a good idea to eat more than your eyes can see.
The Black eyed Peas are for the good luck you will have this year. Another reason to eat with your eyes bigger than your belly. The pork or hog jowls, represent Health. My Daddy always said that if you start out eating as a poor man, you will enjoy the good health that a rich man doesn't. Daddy always has a saying!

Do y'all have traditional dinners in your neck of the woods?


Dixie Redmond said...

Oh, I KNOW what you're talking about - the Boomer Sisters. ;-) I think it's the thing that got me creating again - sometimes the middle of the night is the best creation time.

Donna said...

Black eyed peas & cornbread is a tradition here as well...BUT, since we started the diet, it was cheese & brocolli soup, pork and beef sausage and green beans. Hope your day is a happy one!

Lana said...

Hog's jowl and black eyed peas and cornbread here.... but I forgot to buy it the day before so we had homemade vegetable soup and cracklin' cornbread.
Happy New Year blondie!

SayraH said...

It was a great dinner mama...but apparently i wanted more luck than money ;) Oh yeah, and a lot of good health as well :)

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey Donna
Cheese and Broccoli soup sounds pretty darn good tonite; brrrr, its more than cold here! All we need is some white stuff!

Dixie - yes, can relate to the 3 am wake up call from above to pray and create!

Lana, gotta love soups and cracklin cornbread.

Happy and Healthy New Years to all!

Doreen said...

WOW...sounds wonderful my friend. I will have to get your recipe for Black eyed peas..I've never made them...we had Turkey and all the trimmings on New Years Day....Sounds boring compared to all of your great stuff!!

Joyous New Year my dear friend.
Big hugs

ps..I need a new HARTS banner...do you know where I can find one??? :)

Doreen said...

Oh...I also know what you all mean about ideas in the middle of the night. I HAVE to get up in do them..or in the very least write them down or they are gone come morning.

Lana..Hog's jowl...what is that?

Hugs to you all

Kelli said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you!
My mother-in-law made black eyed peas, greens cornbread and chicken and dumplings. It was all yummy. :0)

Amy Wagner said...

Blondie- I loved hearing about this stuff and also how you word it all. I have to link you up to another good 'ol southern gal transplanted to Texas. Her name is Jeri and she is listed in my family blogs list. She also eats this stuff you speak of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As for the Wagner household- we are old German Northern states stock. We make sauerkraut as a family each fall with the equipment my sweet William's gr gr Granfather used. We cure it in crocks and then have pork roast and sauerkraut for the new year meal. It is funny when the whole fam damily gets together to kraut- we number close to 100 and all ages do the work together. Bushels and bushels of cabbage.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

so good to see you again, sweet one. We have really got catching up to do; I have been so swamped! Love pork and kraut. Love kraut period. My mom always makes the bestest chops baked in s'kraut. Hubs just is too southern deep down in his marrow to think cabbage is good for anything but slaw and or fried with bacon drippings. Would love to be at your place for some of that kraut making. Sounds like too much fun to me! Be blessed dear one.