Saturday, January 26, 2008

What did the 5 fingers say to the face?

SLAP! oops, wrong one. It should be TAG.
I have been tagged - thank you, Flora, so now I must share 5 things about myself that you didn't know. This is difficult since my life is an open book . . . okay, here goes:

1.) I like to read children's books. I like good lessons with a happy ending. Sort of like the way the real world should be.
2.) I like to drink my coffee black.
3.) I have half of the dialogue to the movie Friday memorized. And even some Dave Chappelle skits. Don't ask ME why, ask Sarah.
4.) In 1985 I met Cary Grant and he read a poem to me. sigh. Even for an older gent with white hair and wrinkles, he still had game.
5.) I can sing the hymn "Love Lifted Me" in Japanese.

Okay folksies, that's it for me. I am supposed to tag some others here and truly, I cannot think of anyone I know that hasn't already been tagged recently. But hey, if you want to tickle your gray cells with this, feel free to tag yourself.
This was harder than I thought. I really had to think!!!!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cary Grant. . .be still my beating heart! Coffee. . .black here too. And Love Lifted Me. . .English only version.
Blessings, dear Blondie!

Victorian Lady said...

I am SO jealous!! How did you manage to meet Cary Grant?! And a poem?! You are SO lucky! I would love it if you posted the whole story...he was the original McDreamy!
Thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

Oh my Goodness I just luv ya !! I've been thinking about you and what your up to these days.... Now I see you've been "monkeying" around....LOL...
Hugs !!

Donna said...

What a FUN post!! All of it in Japanese??? Cary Grant??? Yeah, I feel a fantastical Post coming on Girl!!!! Love you!!

SayraH said...

I think you could post several things about your life and still have some left over! Trust me ladies, I've heard a lot, and still havent heard it all!
You could always tag me?!

She'sSewPretty said...

well shoot! I already forgot what you wrote! tee hee

Donna said...

I'm Sorry!!! But you've been tagged again!!! BUT, ONLY if you find you have time to do it..if not DON'T worry about it!!! What can I say? You're loved!!

Suzanne said...

Oh! Cary Grant?? Wow!
That was a fun read Blondie!

Bettsi McComb said...

I love childrens books too, Blondie! I think I've read Little Women ten times! And what about Anne of Green Gables? And the Little House on the Prairie books? *sigh* One of my favorite novels is The Friendly Persuasion by Jessamyn West. It's actually not a children's book, but it's close- it's about a Quaker family! You will love it.