Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sweet Treat

Hello Folksies!

Just have a minute for a quick commercial break here ~~~~ I will be presenting this
sweet little muffin tomorrow on The Humble Arts! Be sure and check out all the new
items that our wonderful artists will be offering.
This little gal comes with her own little quilty, buttoned heart and a special lil tag that says "Kiss".
I have also been busy thinking of Spring with a few little treats that will make you hop for joy! Stay tuned!


Louisiana Momma said...

i love her! she is too cute.. i love her outfit - I was never good at the clothing part of doll making :-(

Donna said...

There's that sweetie baby!!LOL How Cute is that?!!!! Have a warm night darlin!!

Robin said...

Wow...Look at that detail on that precious little lady !!!
Awww...I hate to disappoint , but for now our snow has all melted...and we had close to 2 feet of it last week...But it rained a few times and that's all it takes oh, and the sun was actually out one day this week too.....Sure wish I could bottle some up for ya though, next time we get dumped on.....LOL....Oh shoot, call me crazy, but I love it !! Of course, lest we have studded snow tires on all 4, I don't drive in it....LOl

Anonymous said...

This doll is beautiful!!!

Donna said...

Blondie..Nita (Red Tin Heart) lost John this morning..such a shock..she posted it early...I was doing my "rounds" and found it...Gads...poor sweetie...