Thursday, December 6, 2007

Three Small Things has a Winner or two

Hi Folks
Not a lot of time for the puter this evening; too many irons in the fire - betcha you do too. Got a yummy smelling chicken casserole ready for the Luscious Man to munch on soon. If he doesn't get home soon, I will eat it all by myself!

A bit ago I snagged middle son Josh to pick a few names out of a basket for the Three Small Things. I had received several emails besides the posts so I threw them all in the basket, just as I generally throw out all the rules in life.

The winners in no particular order are:

Donna - Made in Heaven
Shea - no blog, shame on you for your secret pleasure of reading blogs at work! Shhh, I haven't told anyone . . .
Jeannene - Love Conquers All

Please send me an email, ladies and I will need your addy to mail you your goodie!

Thanks for realizing that it is the little things that can change our life!

Here is a pic of the winner picker, Josh, with his new love, Joy. I told him I was going to call her JJ (josh's joy). She is a rescue kitty his beautiful gal friend, Cheryl, gifted him with recently. Cheryl, not only does Josh thank you and love you but he has to SHARE you with me. I loves you TOO! Thanks for our JJ!!
She is a keeper.


Soft in the Head said...

Hey Blondie!!!! I got all mushy inside when I saw these pictures...I love kitties especially the rescue ones, I have three. I love the name as well, very appropriate...I hope this note finds you and yours enjoying this magnificent season when goodness seems to bloom in all directions! Merry Christmas my friend! Pam

cherbear said...


Amy Wagner said...

Me thinks Josh is a keeper too!!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi all
The story behind this story is that we had a very special kitty pass away earlier in the week- I have never seen my gentle son ever so distraught. That his sweet girlfriend felt his pain enough to want to take it away with a kitty that needed his love was extra special.
And yes, Amy, Josh is a real keeper. And he is a masseusse as well. talk about a keeper~!

Donna said...

What a handsome man!!! The kitty looks SO sweet. Any man who likes kittys is a GOOD man!!! Thank you again for the prize Blondie..prize or no prize, the banner speaks close to my heart! It doesn't take two seconds to do something special for someone else. I'm keeping it on my blog. Always...have a loving night sweetie!

SayraH said...

3 small things? woman your always doing something i tell ya. much more talented than i could ever dream of inspiration!
is there any way to add friends to your blog?
love you,
you baby daughter,

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

Blondie, check out what you won on my site. love Nita
Please e-mail me with your address.