Monday, December 10, 2007

I think I have a serious problem . . .

I think I have a problem. Not just because it is December 10, my annual cookie swap is coming up, or that I have just found out my Number 1 Son is coming home for Christmas, or the fact that my house looks like I have thrown confetti around . . . Not only because I have just burnt a pot of pinto beans, as well as two trays of gingerbread men cookies (poor toasty tasty dears - even trying to eat the evidence with a cup of coffee didn't help their blackened taste, sigh). No, not even those things are what I intend to write about. Nope. That is something of normal for me. You see, I thrive on chaos. My whole life has been lived on an adrenaline charged jolt of spastic chaos. Ask my children. Instead of testing children for ADD, perhaps the schools should be testing the parents?
I always seem to have so many irons in the fire. Lots of things I need to complete, laundry to fold, calls to make, bills to pay, litter boxes to change, dogs to feed, dolls to mutilate, er, I mean create. You see, the problem is I have a problem with comittment. Actually, let me re-phrase that. I have a problem with over comittment. My granny always said, "if you want something done, get a busy person to do it - they will find the time and the way to get it done."
I am not sure how to escape this. Really. I want to live each day fully and that is the problem. I sleep good at night because I am exhausted from being such a busy person.
I never make New Years resolutions. Instead, I write out the things I have learned during the course of the year. Sometimes it is only 2 or 3 things. Perhaps, I should start on my list earlier this year. Perhaps I can cram one more project into a day that is already shot to hooey and consider it a bonus.
Gosh, I just know that someone else out there feels the same way. Wanna share a burnt ginger with me? I like to bite their little heads off first.


The Primitive Lady said...

I can certainly relate, Blondie, dear. This sound weird, but I have found that I can actually get MORE done when I have LESS time. When I'm pressed for time, I can get so much more accomplished. Now I just wish I had a little more energy. Oh, to be young again!

Donna said...

LOL Girl!!! When your blog first popped up on the screen, it gave me a wake-up jolt!!! LOL... Janet Leigh at her best!!
Hope you also find the time to have fun! And I'll bet your burnt cookies are pretty tasty!!!

Karen said...

Funny, funny post, Blondie!! Looovvve the shot of Janet Leigh lol.

She'sSewPretty said...

Blondie, I have a secret. I always burn the cookies. I use a cheese grater and grate that durned black stuff off. Or I pitch them, light a cookie scented candle and pretend I never made them. Don't all mothers thrive on chaos?

Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

Read my posts this week. It is about this very thing. xoxo Nita said...


You are too funny, and I can totally relate to you dear!! Life is so beautiful. But also, so beautifully stressful, busy, worried, and did I say BUSY with never ending things to do on a daily basis. Is that part of "Life is not fair?" (Type of saying???)

Have a good week, sister.."or at least try too...;-))!!"


cherbear said...

omg only 13 days till christmas lol.......i'm starting to panic.....dont have all my christams shopping done and not even the cards out yet.......oh for the holidays lol

Doreen said...

Well Hello there! I'm sorry I've been missing in action lately....those shows do take up so much time...but i just love doing them :) They are over for a month or so will be back visiting once again. "Primitive Lady"...I know just what you mean...I get a lot more done when I am pressed for time....strange isn't it..I guess we must thrive on chaos....

B...Make sure you slow down and enjoy the season.


Atticbabys said...

Aw Blondie it's just cuz you're just too darn nice! You must learn how to say no.
Now say it with me... "NO"
Good, now please share some of those cookies with me, I prefer them a bit burnt! ;-)
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too!

Mary said...

Oh, how funny! My philosophy is take time to enjoy the cookies -- even the burnt ones!

Lana said...

Oh Blondie ~ do I ever know what you're talkin' about! lol! Over commitment and wanting to cram so much into life is why I go to bed around midnight and get back up before 5:30.

ps. as you know, there just ain't no way around scorched pintos.... gotta throw 'em out and start over... and just how do I know that???

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Awww darlin', it seems we spread ourselves way too thin especially around the holidays. Too much to do with not enough time.
My only advice... stick with bubble baths. :> )