Monday, December 3, 2007

December Morning

I am an early riser. I get up so early that most of the time the birds are not singing. My wonderful, magical hubby makes coffee appear by my nightstand before I awake. He knows from years of experience that I am totally incoherent at 4 am without a pint of the dark brew.
Once I have imbibed a bit, I can actually say trite things such as Good Morning; did you sleep well; I love you; More coffee, please . . .
Once I am a functioning woman and hubs is out the door to work, I sit down in our little office and read my morning mail, read some blogs and if I feel the need to get slapped, I will scan the news - local, national and world.
This morning was no exception, except that I haven't felt the urge to get slapped yet. I do all sorts of other mundane things such as start a load of laundry, fold up the wrinkled items from the dryer that I forgot were in there, coax Sir Duke, our fat and lazy basset outside for his morning constitutional, and on and on. Fascinating life I live - aren't you glad that I am sharing this with you.
This morning I stood out on the deck with a fresh cuppa joe and realized the leaves had covered it once more. As I swept them away I noticed how pretty everything appeared if I looked up. I am not a good photographer. I don't know how to adjust my camera to get really neat and true images. Like the one above. The moon this morning is really a crescent and it has been surrounded by a foggy haze. I wish my camera had been able to clearly show that. So very pretty.
And the picture below is another huge oak from the distance of my deck where the sun is starting to wake up as well.
I think that all beauty really does begin when we lift our eyes above. I know that peace does.


Donna said...

Beautiful pictures!! The second one almost looks like a rainbow! I've been thinking of investing in a "real" camera..the only problem is prying open my fingers from around that thousand
Have a happy day today sweetie! said...

This was such a Beautiful post, and wrote it so well. I felt it. Thank you for sharing inspirations today. I would love to see where you live.
xo Jeannene

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Wow! What a lovely picture.


Dixie Redmond said...

Lift your eyes - like those shepherds oh so long ago.

Q said...

Dear Blondie,
Good Morning,
I too always go out on the deck in the morning and look up! Saying, "Good morning" to the day and being grateful.
So nice to get to know you.

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is lovely, Blondie.
I've an affinity for the stars, and I'm often looking at the night sky. Your morning one is beautiful, but oh how I hate to get up early! I may have to though, so I can see a beautiful sunrise like yours from time to time. It is truly beautiful.
I hope all is well.
Best wishes to you!

Amy Wagner said...

Great photos and a great post. I like to hear about real life!

FairHaven said...

I love your life,Blondie,southern living is heaven.Why is it when we look up in the sky we always feel bigger than ourselves?I love looking at the sky anytime of the day or night,beautiful.