Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ever have a bad hair day?

Good Morning, Folksies!

I didn't have any clients early this morning at the salon, so I am taking advantage of the precious time to sit with you, a fresh cup of coffee and some whine on the side.

I have cut my own hair for more than twenty plenty years. That is because most of the time hairdressers don't have time to take care of their fellow workers. And also, hairdressers are the worst for sniping each other with what they think their other cell mates, I mean cosmetologists, need done.

Okay, so here goes. On Saturday morning in between clients, I asked one of the gals I work with to "clean up" the back of my hair. It was getting raggedy - which I personally like, but just a tad too long. I needed the back redefined basically and wanted someone else's hands in the back of my head for a change. This is the first time in at least 10 years that I have allowed another hairdresser to stand behind me with a pair of shears.
As she was snipping cautiously, a client came in and she wheeled the chair so that we could chat about appts. When she said, Hon, I am going to balance it out a bit, I said fine - mostly because I was intent on what the client was speaking about and mostly because I have worked with this gal for about 5 years and she KNOWS how I wear my hair. OMG. Never again. Do you hear me? NEVER AGAIN! I look awful. It is so short around the face and I like to hide behind my hair. Balanced? I cut my own hair, do you think I care about symmetry and balance? Get real! I feel like a middle aged woman who colors her white hair. Well, I am, but, I don't like to LOOK LIKE THAT. grrrr. When she twirled me around I wanted to cry out, What the heckfire shoot were you thinking????

Hubs is a wise man. He has not mentioned the haircut. Even when I am first waking up and it is standing in spikes a punker would be proud of. It looks like a peacock tail, to be honest. Before I even brush my teeth or wash my face, I am standing in front of the mirror saying GROW! GROW! GROW! I have also used some expletives that may offend your sensitive ears but it is often heard after the word "Bull". I am allowed to use that word, I was raised in the south and you may recall my adventure of rolling down the hill through piles of it.

My daughter says it looks good, then turns her head to try to hide the smile. Can you tell I feel NAKED?

You really can't tell from this self portrait how short it is in the back and the sides. If I took a full frontal, which I am NOT, you would say things like, well, your hair grows fast or it's winter you can wear a hat, or I have an extra bag you can borrow.

My compatriot knows better than to ask me to give her a cut anytime soon . . .


Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

It looks great darlin'! No need to hide those beautiful baby blues behind your hair.
It sounds like you have Luscious Larry well trained. ;> )
~Peanut said...

"OH your beautiful lady you!!"

Blondie, you can have your hair cut any which way...and you will still be the prettiest in my book!!

Love Ya!!

Donna said...

Oh..for pee-tey's sake...You stop that!!! You're beautiful, got GREAT hair and will STILL be looking fantastic at 70! Now, like a TRUE Southern girl, should be able,no,
Sorry Blondie. I can't repent. You're a Strong woman! I'd 'a had her....I must stop this

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey - y'all love me but I am telling you the truth ~ you have only seen the top part which actually looks longer than it is ~ if you saw it straight on as I do, it looks like a BOWL cut!
Now she does a lot more of the blue hairs than I do and I think she had a memory lapse of who was sitting in her chair.
But thanks for the nice words. I am reminding myself that my daddy always said if you looked in the mirror more than once a day, you were vain. Like a vampire, I am avoiding mirrors.

Robin said...

Oh my goodness.... I don't see anything wrong with your hair, but then again I can TOTALLY relate....You poor dear !! I Think you are beautiful, but I know how a "bad hair day" or in your case a bad "trim" job, can just really play havoc with your mood ....Here's a big ole hug for ya !!! ~~HUGGGGG~~

Dixie Redmond said...

I'm so sorry that I'm giggling. :-) I've had my share of haircut woes and I know exactly what you mean. But thank goodness it's hair and not body parts.


Karen said...

Hi, Blondie, boy, it looks pretty in your photo. Have to take your word that it doesn't look good straight on 'cause it looks great. Darling, darling photo of your son and JJ.

Rosa said...

It looks perfect from the pic! I know how we all about our own hair tho. Mine is in real need of cut and COLOR! Lordy. I may be going to NYC on the spur of the moment. You think I can get in tomorrow? Maybe I'll have you cut and color it cyberly (word?). hehe. Well, hang in there, it will grow quickly!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

The last time I went for a haircut, I walked out the door of the salon in tears, so I know how you're feeling. You still look very pretty to me though.

Amy Wagner said...

Oh Blondie! I was laughing at the way you told the horrible story and crying for you and cheering on your growthspurt!!
Eat lots of chocolate...oh wait...that doesn't make hair grow does it?! Oh well it couldn't hurt!!

She'sSewPretty said...

You're so cute Blondie. No one will notice your hair. Does your hubby do the "don't say a word if you don't like it thing"? I always know when he doesn't like something because he is "speechless" and then he might as well have said something because not talking says more than words too. Did you get that? LOL

kat449 said...

Oh Baby, Im feelin ya! Shed be gettin a little more than coal in her stocking!

But being a stylist myself, what I want to know is with your long, lucious eyelashes maybe you could do a comb over???? Hang in there darlin, Hugs, Kat

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Well, my fellow stylist came in today; she has been gone all week - the first thing out of her mouth was -
Gee your hair grows fast, What did Larry say?
When I told her he hasn't said a word, she replies - Oh, then he didn't really notice.
I pray each day that the Lord will create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within. No joke. But truthfully, cause I am so honest, I regretted praying that this morning. I just couldn't shake her, slap her senseless or even frown. It's hair, it does grow fast (NOT THAT FAST), and like my sweet friend Dixie said; it isn't a body part. Now for those non-Southern Women, hair IS a body part.
I know, get over it; I am working on that.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Yikes! Sounds terrible, but you tell it well. :-)
I think the worst part of a bad haircut is that I don't want people to think I actually LIKE my hair this way. So I feel the need to offer excuses, even to perfect strangers, like, "I don't normally look this hideous", or "My 2 year old found some scissors while I was sleeping," or "Yes I know it looks like something died on my head."
Hang in!!


Suzanne said...

Oh Blondie! What I can see of your looks beautiful! I love the color! I've had some bad haircuts before, and I understand the mantra in the mirror.."grow! grow! grow! :)

Bettsi McComb said...

You funny thing! You know what I think when I look at that photo? I think, "Wow, look at those big blue eyes!" You look like a classier version of Goldie Hawn.

FairHaven said...

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time,not because of your hair(I know exactly how you feel,kids have to make me go to parlor),but because of how you described it all.I was cracking up and still am,thanks Blondie for being you.LOL