Thursday, November 29, 2007

Three Small Things

I long for a boring life. When I hear folks say, I am so bored, I look at them askance. I have never been bored a moment in my life. True, not all events in my life are earth shattering. Not everything I do is entertaining, life altering or even remarkable. But I am never bored. I find joy in all things, big and little. I play the Pollyanna Glad Game every day - some days out of sheer necessity to save my sanity!

Before I dragged myself out of bed this morning, I laid in the nice, cozy, warm flannel sheets, talking to the Lord and wondering just what this day would unfold. I know for certain that it will not be boring. I have purposed in my heart to find good things and joy in even the most mundane each day. Everyone is thankful at this time of year. We have an air of thankfulness about us that is almost tangible. At the Thanksgiving table we typical thankful thoughts. If we are quite honest, we know we are thankful that at least we get to feast on that fat bird. We are thankful that we have had another year to celebrate our thankfulness with our family and friends. So, here I am a week later, the world is now full of the frenetic Christmas shopping, Christmas traffic and stress of finding the perfect gift for everyone on our lists. If you are active online in any group, you are more than likely stressed about making the perfect little ornament AND getting it out on time.

I am exhorting you to take a few minutes out of your non boring life and find three things that you can do today for someone - even if that is yourself - three small things - that will make you reflect at days end. It doesn't have to be huge. Tiny little things will do. You can take the extra time to make jello with your child, call a friend for a coffee break, plant a few bulbs in a planter for early spring color in your kitchen, send a card out to someone who may need a lift, put the finishing touch on that special gift (even if it is a pretty ribbon or bow) - anything that will help you forget your own little boring problems and perhaps help someone to forget theirs as well. In other words, do something that will help you experience peace. Psalms 122:7-8 says "Peace be within your walls! Peace be within you!"

If you want to take this little image and post it on your blog to encourage others to do the same, let me know. For each one that posts it to their blog, I will put your name in for a drawing for something that I have made. The drawing will be December 6 (just a week away!) I will get the goodie out to you so that you will have it by Christmas.

So think, what 3 teensy, tiny things can you think of? Share some peace.


Donna said...

I feel sorry for the next person that walks in my're not gonna know what hit 'em!
Wonderful post! The Glad it. And yes, I copied "Three Little Things"!!
Have fun today sweetie, go grab a mocha latte and be good to yourself!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Thanks darlin'! I've added your banner to my blog too. No need to add my name to your drawin' though. Please add another name in my place. That's just one small thing I can do. :> )
God bless...

Jeannene said...


I have to talk to you...I have been trying to find your# in my memory. I guess I don't have it anymore. "I LOVE..."LOVE TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!!" Last year my hubby and I saw them in concert. I am now trying to find their music for my play!!

Email me with your # dear!!
xoxo Jeannene

kat449 said...

Thank you Blondie for the gentle reminder to be the very best we can be.
You have always been such an inspiration to me, to be a woman of excellence.
I feel "glad and graced" that God chose to put you in my life. Im a better woman for having known you such a short time. Great food for thought. Hugs, Kat

Cook said...

Blondie - I love this and will gladly add it to my blog tomorrow!
What a wonderful way to get our eyes off ourselves and look out / up instead!!

thanks sweets - and I'm with Peanut, no need to add my name to the pot - I have many of your wonderful treasures and am happy to let someone else receive a keepsake from you!

Wild Rose said...

What a lovely idea Blondie. I am going to add this to my blog. It is far too easy at this time of the year to forget that it is the small things that matter.

Marie x

The Primitive Lady said...

I'm not surprised this would come from you, sweetie! You're one of the sweetest people I know. I, too, will add it to my blog, but you can leave me out of the drawing, too.
Bigs hugs, Blondie!