Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Number 1 Son

You don't have to read this post. I am certain that it will embarrass my son if he were to read this. Thankfully (for me), if there is one thing I am certain of, Paul will not be reading this. So I reckon I can write all sorts of embarrassing things relating to his childhood. I don't think I will though. Let me say that I am proud to be the Mom of this bright young man.

He entered this world in a big hurry - three months preemie - basically sent home when he weighed just a smidgen over 4 pounds. He walked at 10 months and spoke intelligently at 18 months. He still has the curiosity of a kitten.

Gosh Moms, do you remember the absolute awesome love you felt with your first born? There was never a love so grand. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I would actually vacuum while holding him in my arms! Talk about smitten!

So to complete this terribly personal piece, I want to say that I have thanked God each day for presenting me with what I consider the first of many, Many blessings in my life. Happy Birthday, Paul.
I only have one question - how come we don't celebrate Moms on the kids birthday? We're the ones who carried that weight, were exultant in that final push into this world and spent years helping you to become who you are. Oh well. I am a middle child. We middle children generally think this way.


Donna said...

What a beautiful post! Handsome Guy you have there! There's No other better memory than counting all those little fingers and toes and smoochies on those little feathery cheeks. I'll never to you girl...

FairHaven said...

Yep,I always feel that way on their birthdays.I remember how special that first child is,you just stare at them and carry them everywhere,how fast they grow.So,Happy Birthday to Paul,because of you.LOL

Cathy Nash said...

Love the outfit! Happy Birthday to you both~

Bettsi McComb said...

Oh man, do I ever remember! Your boy looks like a real sweet potato. I had a dream last night that I had a sweet little six month old boy who decided to start walking! So cute! Do you think grandkids will be half as much fun?

P.S. I had such a good laugh over your comment about my neatness! LOL! Don't believe what you see on the blog! Blog pictures never show the floors or the upholstery in my house. No, no, no!

Jeannene said...

"Happy Birthday to your Son!!" No doubt he is a handsome and such a blessing!! With you as a mother how can he not! Happy day and Thanksgiving to you dear! Come by and see my "Show & Tell today.
xo Jeannene

Karen said...

Hi, Blondie, just read your comment on my blog that you have painted your shoes, too! Yes, I have one child, a son, and oh the memories. I just loved carrying mine around, too. I can still remember the day when I realized he was too heavy to lift any more.

Amy Wagner said...

Blondie, I'm on the exact same page as you girl!! I think Mom's should have the glory (at least some of it) on their kids' b-days.
Happy Birthday to your fine son!
I really like your kitty picture too.