Friday, November 16, 2007

Little Token Treasures from Charleston PLUS attitude adjustment

Hello Folksies

Finally got around to getting some pics of the goodies I found in Charleston. You will soon discover that it takes oh so little to make me happy.

First is a little round table runner that is hand embroidered. A few stains that I think a gentle soak will remedy. On top are a sugar bowl and a sweet little cup and saucer. Remember my favorite 49 cent plate that Larry broke? He ain't messing with these. What I find particularly charming is the sugar bowl has an obvious mismatched top. Suits me to a T !!!

Then I found the most precious embroidered pillow slips! Love the color! These had no stains to be found, no holes, and the cotton is so soft! Yippee for me.

Now for the well needed end of the week attitude adjustment. This morning as I was on the way to work, I had a few minutes to spare and thought I would go through the McD's drive through for my morning cuppa joe - love their coffee; wish we had a drive through starbucks or a starbucks - period - well, on the drive I was listening to NPR radio. I like the news from this station and get my daily dose. For some reason, all the news was hitting me the wrong way; they were talking about the new strain of virus that manifests itself as a cold and is widespread, political news (don't get me started), and etc. . . . Friends, I was ready to go back home and pull the covers back over my head. Alas, I had a full day at the salon and bills to be paid. I pulled into the drive through lane. The car in front of me had a vanity tag that said: HAPI-2-BE. Being a blonde, my first thought was, shouldn't that be HOPI as in Indian? Then I said it out loud and thought, how nice! I looked in the rear view mirror and saw this chick just shaking her SUV. She was getting down back there, grooving to the music in her vehicle or perhaps the voices in her head. Either way, she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Watching her sing and gyrate all by her lonesome made me HAPI-2-BE in that particular spot at this chosen time. I realized that I could turn off the news and start the day all over again. And I did just that. The rest of the day was fantastic. I felt fine as a frog's hair. And that my friends, is pretty durn fine!

A cheerful heart is a good medicine
Proverbs 17:22


Bettsi McComb said...

Marvelous little goodies- I really love the pillow cases! I especially like your attitude adjustment story-everyday really is a gift, isn't it, Blondie?

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Bettsi
I just adore those pillow slips! Very nice handiwork in them.
And YES, even Pollyanna's like me need a good old adjustment in their mental faculties now and then!

Donna said...

"Happy" is the only way to be. Things just "flow" when happy is lurking about! Have fun this weekend Miss Blonde!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Oooooh!!! Look at all those goodies!! :> )

FairHaven said...

Oh,I love those dishes and that tablescarf.I was thinking about the girl in the car.I watch too much news,but I've stopped,just check it once in awhile.Think on the good things,the Word says.:o)

Amy Wagner said...

Oh Blondie, I love you to pieces!!! The quote about the frog's hair was too much for me. You make me smile right at the computer screen!!!! I also get down when I hear the news some days. I like to keep up on the current events of the area and the world but some times you can only swallow small doses.