Monday, November 12, 2007

Riding the Whirlwind in from Charleston

Lovely friends,
It is good to be back home. We did such a brief and swift trip to Charleston that my head is still swimming. First off, we decided to go there with DD - she and her BFF were going to an Elton John concert. While Larry and I missed that, DD called from her cell a few times and I got to actually hear him sing Benny and the Jets - or a garbled bit of it anyway. I didn't even get a t-shirt! But she did!!!

The concert was Friday evening, so while the chickadees were having the time of their life, Larry was mapping out our Charleston tour. Now most of you know that my dear man is a history buff; his areas of interest are the Revolutionary War and the Civil War in chief, with a smattering of other historical battles thrown in. Believe me when I tell you that I have been to more one horse towns made famous or infamous because George Washington, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee or any other illustrious general rode through, slept there or . . .

We were both excited to get to see The Hunley. If you are not a CW connoisseur, you may not realize how big this is. I will give you a link here; pictures were not allowed to be taken of it yet. I teared up when I saw it, to think of the men crammed in there, sacrificing their lives for their convictions, well, it is awesome. For those who don't click the link, I will say that The Hunley was the first submarine to sink an enemy ship. This happened off the Charleston coastline. The Hunley was discovered in the 90's in it's watery grave and was raised a few years later. There has been a movie made about it as well. It was a moving stop for anyone who studies this era. We also visited the historic Magnolia Cemetery where the Hunley crew members are interred.

Everywhere you look in the Charleston area is a treat for your eyes. I could have spent days just walking through the lovely downtown or Rainbow Row area of Charleston. The park there is full of ancient live oaks such as the one pictured above. The houses are famous in themselves, being captured in magazines, movies alike. Charlestonians are used to their homes and streets photographed. The residents are most gracious in the true Southern style.
We also visited Mount Pleasant, driving though Isle of Palms to Fort Moultrie. There was a big re enactment that day - we were unaware of this prior to our visit and couldn't make it - although I sure wish I had a dollar for each time someone asked my man if he was a re enactor. How can you tell folks that he always looks like this. LOL. His picture was taken as often as I took pics of the Rainbow Row. One free lance photographer took a few dozen of my man. What a hoot.

I found a delightful quilt store while there called
People, Places and Quilts

The store was filled with delightful fabrics, patterns and two of the nicest and friendliest not to mention HELPFUL ladies. I would go back and spent an entire day if I could. If you are ever in Charleston or Summerville, SC and love textiles, primitives or just nice folks, go by and see them.
I will get some more pics taken of a few little goodies I did manage to find and also try to get some more pictures of the glorious homes on Rainbow Row up soon; did I mention that I love Charleston???


Donna said...

Glad you're home safe and sound! The trip sounds wonderful. We've been there. There is indeed a lot of "eye candy" there! Have a good one girl!

Going out into my Back Yard. Til next time..... said...

Hi there! I came to your blog from a blurb in one of Frannies emails!
OH MY!!! I love to come visit your site!!!
I've bookmarked you! And, I've read all your past posts. I am so happy you are back home and posting again! LOL, I missed ya!

She'sSewPretty said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought at that cute store. What a wonderful trip!

Lorraine said...

Your trip sounds so wonderful! I would love to visit Charleston one day..such history! Can't wait to see what you got at the store:o)!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see more photos!