Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wet and Wild Spring

We have been having such a nice l- o- n- g cool spring and it has been filled with spring showers and loads of storms. Which spells out wonderful spring garden.
This past weekend I have been working some in the garden, clipping, weeding and enjoying the pretty things that have revisited me again this year. I am also trying to figure out which ones didn't make back and what to put in their place.

Here are some pics. Once the summer dog days get here, it won't look nearly as pretty!

I also worked on a Wisteria that I am attempting to grow into a standard. Takes a lot of clipping. Poor thing kind of looks like me when I was a little one and Mom would trim my bangs. Remember those days? Yikes!

I love the graceful sway and bends it is taking. It is difficult to tell in this pic but it is over 6 foot now. You can see the clipplings on the ground beneath it. This particular wisteria hasn't bloomed yet this year. I have some on an arbor gate that bloomed fragrantly and profusely last month before the leaves came out. It is quite a heady fragrance.

Luscious and I have also been trying to get a garden going in between the weather. We start a lot of our seeds indoors beginning in end of Jan and February and as the weather warms up, we introduce them to the great outdoors and get them acclimated. Last year, in an effort to keep the deer out of the garden, we decided to make a stick fence. What fun! This year we have had to re tie the sticks and Luscious put some rabbit wire around the bottom of part of it ~ to keep errand ground hogs, rabbits and turtles out as well.
Here is what it looks like at this moment:

Hope everyone enjoys this cool wet spring as much as I have. Before too long, it will be a memory and I will be wiping the "dew" from my face. (Southern women don't sweat. We get "dewy". Yeah, right. I sweat like a hawg.


Donna said...

The yard looks great! Y'all certainly do work hard!!! Where's the mint juleps, might I ask???LOL...Glad to see you're out in the flower bed!! Nice!!!hughugs

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Soooooo beautiful!!!! Dew drippings and all! Today was the first good rain we have gotten in . . . . like forever! My grass was turning so brown, and everything was wilting! I'm just so thankful for what we got today.

LOVE the stick fence! I'd want a vegetable garden just for the excuse to make the fence like that!!!!!

and is that a chocolate lab I see peeking through your blog there???? If it's anything like my Buster, it is the liveliest, most active volcano of a dog there ever was. I thought I was getting a soft, gentle, loveable lab . . . . isn't that what they always say?????

I must be getting punished for something I did!

Thanks for coming to my blog today!!!! Love it when you visit!


Bettsi McComb said...

Blondie, everything looks so pretty! I would love to see more posts like this one where you tell us HOW to garden because I have no idea! I would so love to have gorgeous spaces like this instead of my dead grass- sticker laden patch of hardpan. Thinking of you, also, with much fondness. It's hard for us busy workin' gals to sit for a chat, isn't it?

Amy Wagner said...

I love the dew-y comment!! I am not a graceful person in the heat of summer either.
I always laugh when you write "Luscious"!!
Will you come to my yard and build a stick fence for me?? I love it sooooo much!!!!!!!
Happy gardening Blondie. Come to my place and see my latest photos of the job waiting for me in the garden :)