Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Official

Yep, that's right, folksies. I am officially excited! Now, I tend to stay in an attitude of pleasant expectation. I know that every day I can expect good news and bad news. Being in an attitude of pleasant expectation removes the edge. Today, I am officially excited about our teensy little veggie garden.
We have planted several varieties of veggies and in the process of still planting more.
Look what I found to get my imagination and taste buds going . . .

Little crookneck squash and a small head of cauliflower! We have more of the same but I only will bore you with one pic of each. We also have some blooms on the cucumbers, tomatoes and the brussel sprouts and broccoli are looking promising. The lettuce is also setting some nice firm heads . . .
The blueberry bushes are LOADED - a particular delight considering we are all out of them. Last year we had a late freeze and it killed all the blooms.

For all of us that enjoy gardening, this is the beginning of what it's all about. I garden for the joy of it ~ I revel in the beauty of the flowers and shrubs - and there is a distinct beauty in a veggie plot.

And now for a shot of one of my favorite weeds - comfrey. Comfrey is actually considered an herb. It grows wild on roadsides and fields. Old Timers for generations called it "Knitbone" for

it's medicinal value in healing. It is also great as an addition to one's compost as an agent for breaking down the materials more quickly. It is also highly favored by chickens as a treat. It helps their eggs have stronger shells.
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Here's a preview of next month's RWB on HARTS:


kmclaughlin said...

i love the preview of all the goodies!!
gardening is one of my favorite past times, and what a de-stresser!!
my latest garden fave is lemon balm. so many uses and the iced tea made with it is delicious!

CARole said...

Blondie, maybe you know that I am "into" video, so I had to stop by to say how neat I think this one is.

CARole said...

oops, forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your "little garden". Blondie, it doesn't seem so little to me. How wonderful. We have so much shade that it's hard to find the right spot to plant a garden, unless we dig up our lawn. Its so pretty, we really hate to do that, but next year we are gong to and I can not wait! You lucky girl, all those wonderful fresh veggies and blueberries to look forward to!

Donna said...

You've already got things putting off fruit!!! Wow!! And now I know what that weed Is!!!Thanks Girlfriend!!hughugs

quiltcrazygal said...

Blondie...I love all the goodies! Your garden is beautiful! I wanted to include you in a tag! I was just tagged and thought you might like to play! Please visit my blog, thank you for being so kind to me! Cheers, Jenna Louise

a portland granny said...

I love the garden--how wonderful to reap the fruit of your harvest this summer and fall. I wish I had the energy and drive to plant veggies, but alas, I don't. I put in my bedding plants flowers) last Sat. Now summer takes on a whole new chore--watering all the pretties so they don't die. That is if we ever get summer out here in Oregon. I'm going to take a picture of one of my big pots tomorrow and in one month I will take another one. I surely hope I will see a difference. For right now it is grey and depressing here in Oregon. We have had summers like that....and I'm hoping this is not the year for that!!

I'll be anxious to read your updates on your garden.


Amy said...

Love the garden. You are ahead of me. I will maybe get some planted in time to harvest before snow flies again!!

Cookie said...

I always look forward to summer and pictures of Blondie's flowers and veggies!

forget the green thumb... you have a green ARM!