Thursday, May 1, 2008

The month of Yes, You May!

It is May 1st at The Humble Arts and you know what that means . . .we are excited about our new creations being unveiled! Hop, skip or surf on over for a visit at We loves company!

It is almost May 2 and as I sit here typing, bleary and red eyes, I have to wonder where April went to? It seemed a blur of rain and clouds of pollen to me. We had a few late freezes as usual; nothing that did too much damage to our early veggies.

I started May off with a big bang. My motherboard croaked last night as I was uploading the humble arts. Let me tell you friends, I have learned a few lessons here.
Number 1 ~ don't ever delete anything in a fit of anger, especially when you are using an old dinosaur like I was. Karma sucks
Number 2 ~ make sure your computer tech guy likes you really really well. As in bumps you ahead of 3 scheduled appts because he is a nice guy and hates to see middle aged gals who remind him of his momma crying and snuffling eptithets under her breath. I knew he wouldn't be able to resist me. He used to have a crush on my daughter.
Number 3 ~ A computer crash is a real good excuse ~ even in this economy of $3.59 a gallon for gas ~ to pop for a greasy burger from The Circle. My fellow Edenites understand this. You need a double ch'burger from The Circle(with grilled onions, lettuce and a slice of fresh 'mater, please) and hushpuppies from Dicks. We do like our drive in cardiac injector restaurants here.
Number 4 ~ Hubs has learned when to leave me alone and when to come in and rub my shoulders or put those big old hands of his over mine and say sweet things like, "you sure have some red eyes", or "do you reckon I should get you some soap to clean out your mouth?" I am a lucky woman.
I may not get my power bill paid on time this month; I still owe $1000.00 on that blasted water bill (I am whittling it down a few bucks a month) ~ but I have a new puter. YEE HAW!!!


tattered 'n torn prims said...

Enjoy it darlin' earned it in blood, sweat and tears over the last few days!! LOL!! You're the bomb....the site looks

Doreen said...

OH B.....I'm so sorry for all of this....but i'm glad you've got a new will love it.

You made me laugh out loud with the soap for your mouth comment...LOL...

you are such a darlin!!!!

Big Hugs,

Donna said...

New Puters...Rock!! Have fun setting everything up sweetie!!hughugs

Primcyn said...

Sorry to hear about all the troubles B.
yaw hoo...a new peuter!...yes that sure does rock! Cindy

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Awww darlin' I felt so bad for you! I know how stressed you were. But the good news is ya got a brand spankin' new computer! Woo-hoo!!
Man, a good thing Luscious can't hear me... We'd be sharin' that bar of soap. :> )

Dixie Redmond said...

Blondie - everything you say about Mr. Blondie makes me love him. ;-)

smiles to you -


Amy Wagner said...

I do so enjoy reading your blog!!!!
Have a great day and say "hi" to Luscious for me.