Monday, October 1, 2007

Nothing Fancy Wreath

Thought I would share with you a plain and simple wreath that takes nothing more than what you may have in your garden.

First you need to gather some elements: grapevine wreath, sweet herbs, string, anything else you like - I had wrapped some virginia creeper, honeysuckle vine and wisteria vines into wreaths a while back and hung them on the fence to dry and wait for me to get back with them.

I used some sweet annie and artemesia

and I also added some dried okra

I fashioned the sweet annie and the artemesia in opposite sides of the wreath and tied in place. Then I clipped a piece off of a sanservia plant, tucked that in with the okra and oh yes, I also grabbed some more grapevine ivy and tied it all up together.
This is functional; great for outdoors and I will put some ribbon around it another time. Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Smells good and is prim n pretty!


Wild Rose said...

Hi Blondie

I love the idea of being able to go out into the garden and make a pretty wreath from the plants and herbs growing there. It looks great!

Marie x

Jeannene said...

Sweet Blondie,

how fun it would sit with you and have you show me how to make a wreath...these are so lovely. You make it look so fun, where you live..LOL!!

"Come check out my Bear story."


Atticbabys said...

Just like you Blondie, prim & pretty!
What a beautiful labor of love, thanks for sharing!
:-) Nan

Mica said...

I love it just simply plain and beautiful!!


Lorraine said...

Blondie~how primitively lovely:o)! I just love it!!

Anonymous said...

I love the wreath! So completely natural! Just wonderful! De