Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day . . . oh well, I could sing along with Mr. Rogers all day; I always liked that man. But today! Well TODAY is my wonderful baby girl, precious Sarah - it is her FIRST ANNIVERSARY of wedded bliss. I am sitting here laughing at myself because each time I typed out wedded it came out weeded. Perhaps the first year is a weeding out. LOL. The song you are listening to was the song that played after they were pronounced and started to walk out to the guests. It was PARTY TIME. I tell you, this family enjoys to part-a-y! And this was a great reason!!

Sarah is the first of my three children to marry. Her wedding was a very marvelous, very informal affair. It was set outside with close to 100 folks watching, laughing, crying and just being there for Sarah and Jason. After their "I Do's" were said and they were pronounced man and wife, they released butterflies in remembrance of their family members who have passed away and were watching from above. Now that was a special moment!

This past year has seen them both learning how to live together, work together, eat food that was prepared without recipe cards or complete ingredients, having their first Christmas together, all the "firsts" that happen.

I love my son in law, he is my third son. Jason is a quiet man, much like my Luscious Larry . . . and he does have a tendency to want to make Sarah happy. Which makes everyone here on the Hill happy. He is the ying to her yang. He is quiet, she is bubbly. I wish so many many many many more happy years that God will bless them with.


SayraH said...

Alright alright alright-who is that sexy man in all those photos? Oh THATS right!-my hubby!
Thanks for the shout out moms, your the best.
hey send me those photos from this past 4th please (where im holding the cake & of me and J--thanks!)
Love You!
*you make my dreams come true*

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Holy smokes its been a year already??!!
They make an adorable couple and I wish them many many more wonderful years of "weeded" bliss!! ;> )
So... Are we talkin' grandbabies yet?? *hint*hint*

Kat449 said...

AAAWWWW Blondie,
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful and intimate family celebration. Your daughters beautiful spirit shines just like her Moms. Happy Anniversery kids, and may you all be blessed w/ peace, joy, and & always. Scaredy Kat

Jeannene said...

Congrats. on your beautiful daughter's Anniversary Bliss. Wow..her smile is so lovely and lights up the world...

Bless you, come by my blog and pick up an Award for deserve a "Big Heart Award!!"


Rosemary said...

oh they're so cute! Rosemary

Louisiana Momma said...

how wonderful!! I am a newly wed myself (just celebrated 3 yrs) so I can understand all that learning that goes on those first few years.. one can hope the rest is smooth sailing :-) I have found though when God is all inside your relationship it is a relationship that lasts. God bless the happy couple :-0

Amy Wagner said...

Happy Anniversary to them. What a great couple. I loved hearing from about their wedding. It sounds so perfect.

I sure wish I could meet you and have little sandwiches on mismatched plates with you!!!!