Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Too much of a good thing can be FUN

I am a happy person. My house can be a mess (that's a given), my cooking skills lacking the pizazz I utliized when I was a newlywed, but heckfire, shoot! I like having fun. My days off from work are generally spent running - you know, the errands that are always time stealers, chores that are just plain blah, blah, to which I occasionally say BAH HUMBUG! Did I say occasionally? Well, perhaps a bit more than occasionally . . . anyhoo, I am working on several projects at the moment and thought I would give you a sneak preview.

I finally found the battery charger for my camera, Angie!

Okay, back to play and paint and thread and yarn and putting on a second pot of coffee.


lovetheprimlook said...

Blondie, they are Awesome!!!!! I wish I could do that.


Lorraine said...

Oh Blondie!! they look so great!! I can't wait to see them all done!! Have fun!!

Robin said...

Wow....Those are just Wonderful !!! Wow wow wow !! You do awsome work !!

Mom2fur said...

I like Santa! What's he made out of?
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not sure it's okay to print the recipe...isn't there some kind of copyright thing? Then again, if I say where it came from, that's okay, right?

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...
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Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi donna
I found the recipe browsing through Taste of Home website. Thanks, don't know why I didn't think of looking there! A duh uh moment.
the Santas are being created using paper mache. fun gooey stuff.

Jeannene said...

"have i ever told you how much you make me laugh, put a smile on my face..and "girl, i love you...LOL!!

Slow down, take a deep breath, relax and remember..it is good to be busy, makes the time go by quicker..(especially when you want it too!!)LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!!

"Did you save some coffee for me??"


Lana said...

Blondie your Santas are wonderful! Are you busy crocheting too? I always have several... and I mean SEVERAL.... projects going at once.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

yes, dear lana, crocheting an afghan and always crocheting dishrags. Occasionally a knitted one but crochet is mindless activity.

Amy Wagner said...

You have to be on my list of the sweetest people I have met (even though not in person)!!!
Thank you for your kind note you left. I am doing ok as is my daughter. We are going back to Wash D.C. on Tues for more testing. It is just the day to day challenges of her OCD that can really bum me (and her) out. Thank you for thinking of us. You are the sweetest!!!!!

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Oh, wow! Did you make that Santa??? Just gorgeous :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Believe me, my house is messy, too! I just push it to the side to take pictures ;)

Suzanne said...

Love your Santa collection Blondie! Can't wait to see them when they are finished!

Nanny's Cottage said...

Oh Blondie!! These are wonderful!!! :D

Atticbabys said...

Blondies been having way to much fun with papier mache!
They all look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I love your blog! I am adding you to my new blog favorites list! This is a true treasure!

Anonymous said...

Your projects look great! I think that's what days off should be for!

Wild Rose said...

Oh Blondie, everyone is being so creatvie at the moment, but I can't seem to get started. I have a big show in two weeks and I haven't made a thing!

Marie x