Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Who, ME???

I was just today nominated for a Nice Matters award by a special friend, Dixie Redmond! I had to laugh out loud and wipe off the monitor in front of me because for the past several days I have been pretty out of it with a horrible summer cold. I had a high fever and being the Pollyanna that I am deep inside, I figured the best thing to come out of that experience is that whenever I get a fever, I get the best dreams! I mean they are VIVID and colorful and I am always wanting to remember each detail. so, an occasional fever is okay.
However, when I was awake and moaning and in general being a miserable person, I began to fantasize about some of my clients that get on my nerves to the point that I would love to throttle them while they are reclining in the shampoo bowl. Not nice to think, but whatever it takes to entertain a sick, fevered mind. Then to get back online and read where I have been tagged for being nice, well, I am humbled and thank you Dixie, I now have another dose of guilt. No problem, I have enough room on my hips to slather on another pound or two!!

So, I am supposed to nominate others that go the extra mile in the nice department? I have met so many many wonderful folks online and through blogging, that it would be difficult to cram them all in. However, here they are: (drum roll please)

Karin of Countryfolk Keepsakes
Karen of Rolling River Primitives
Cathy of Hazelruthe, cuz she is always a friend in need, indeed
Nutmeg Megan, special little sis!
Nena of Nannys Cottage!
Sharon of the Greeneyez

I tried to add a few more, but for some reason, I am not able to get them here; suffice to say, these gals have been there for me and nice when it mattered the most. There are so many others that have been more than kind to me, and for that, I keep them in my happy thoughts and prayers! I am so very thankful to know the gals above and to know that they have enriched my life.


Cookie said...

and you have always been a blessing to me too, dear Blonde-One!

Lana said...

Blondie!!! Is this you? From ECP? Long time no... uhhh.. email! lol!

I'm so glad I found you. Now I can visit your blog and keep in touch.

Congratulations on the award ~ it's very fitting. (insert big smiley here)

Take Care & God Bless,