Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All Country Roads lead home

Just back in from a trip that was far too short! Hubs and I took my dear Daddy up to Amish Country! He wanted to see in person the buggys, horses, farms, the plain people.

Our sensories were in overload, our taste buds delighted by the regional foods - the weather even cooperated with us! We did a quick tour of Gettysburg for my dear husband - we did see some of the main battlefields, just not enough time to do justice to the hallowed history that is in Central Pa!
I lived in Pennsy many years ago for a few years. I loved it then, and even though things have changed through the wheels of progress, one thing has remained the same. The people of Pennsylvania are still in my top five of friendly folks. In fact, probably in the top three. I have never met a person from Pennsy that I didn't like. Their easy going disposition and helpfulness show that they really are genuinely caring folks. I would move back to there in a heartbeat. Now that's saying something for this southern gal!
The farmlands were breathtaking to me. Daddy and I talked about how it is a 23 hour a day job. The trees were heavy with apples, the vines with grapes and the produce stands promised many delicious offerings fresh from the fields.
I got to see some gorgeous Amish handmade quilts. Goodness, what beauty! I didn't take any pictures inside the stores as they request no pics to be taken. Shucks! Some lovely, lovely handwork. I felt humbled by it, almost ashamed to say that I quilt!

Thank you Pennsylvania for your hospitality, industrious ways, lovely landscapes and the generous way you share with the world your history, beauty and serenity.


Rick said...

I'm so glad you got to have a nice trip, Blondie. You deserve it!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

So glad to hear ya had a wonderful time!!! Those pics are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!Don't ya just want to move there now??!!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Blondie,
both of your thumbs must be green, your flowers are so gorgeous!!!! Love your coleous (sp?)!!!!! Hope all is well for you!!!