Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dog Days?.

This week has been a mixed bag. First of all, let me get in my comment about the HEAT.
Here in my little corner of the Piedmont Triad, we were breaking records with temps over the 100 mark. My house doesn't have central air or heat. We cool in the summer with ceiling fans and a window unit. This week it has kept us at a slow bake. Our temperature gauge on the deck remained steady at 102 for most of the week. Now I know why I really dislike August. The Dog Days of Summer. Yuck.
If I had felt better I would have sat in my backyard with the sprinkler on. Unfortunately I have been under the weather with the summer cruds as my kids used to say.
Back on the mend, I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. Drink your Orange Juice dear readers, Lots of it. Take your Garlic, Vit C and Echineachea at first sign of the summer cold.

I can always find a bright side and my heart has been so warmed by the response we are already receiving to the Blog started for Ava Grace, our littlest angel. The Humble Artists have been bandying back and forth since March on what we could do in way of an auction to help her out. After some requests to help out, we decided to open this benefit up to anyone who wants to help out. Thank you, dear hearts, for getting the word out there about this little one who needs some extra wind beneath her wings.
You can click on the little angel on this blog and it will bring you to Ava Grace's blog spot. We are planning our auction to be on Sept 16-22. I am looking forward to speaking with Sylvia Anderson who helped organize the Brianna auction so recently. I am so proud of the people in this nation who carry their heart in their wallets for less fortunate yet deserving souls. Bless each one. And I believe He will.

I have been tagged by good friend Cookie to receive and pass on another award - the You're a Doll award. How neat, since we all seem so fixated on dolls!
I will go ahead an nominate a few folks that have touched my heart with their giving nature so recently.
Doreen of Vermont Harvest Bears
Pam of Soft in the Head
Lana of Honeysuckle Lane
Frannie of Freedom Valley Farm
Karen of Sew Primitive


Lana said...

You're a sweetie Blondie! Thanks for the award ~ Lana

Mom2fur said...

I saw by your more recent post that you are feeling better. Summer colds are terrible...but having them in plus 100 degree weather...UGH. You poor thing!