Sunday, May 17, 2009

How I spend my time

Okay, let's be honest here for a moment. We all know ourselves pretty darn well. I mean after all, who knows us better than ourselves? Now I am not getting esoteric here, just being me. I am a deep thinker. Truly I am. I wonder why God chose to place the sun and moon where He did. And while I am not a astronomer, I wonder about the importance of constellations. And I wonder things like what possessed my parents to give me my name. Oh yeah, I was named after my Mom's baby sister who died of rheumatic fever when she was only 13.

I take the usual email quizzes and those sent to me on Facebook. So, it came as a surprise to me that my parents should have really named me:

You are nice, caring, and you love being with your friends. Boys drool over you and you are hot stuff.

Why does every personality test say basically the same thing? Although, the hot stuff thing is a new twist and something I haven't heard in a long time.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Isn't it strange how we constantly think about our names --- especially when we are growing up! I hated my name! Everyone else had nice names like Carol, Christine, Emma, Hannah, etc. I got stuck with Cornelia ----- and to this day, I would NEVER tell you my middle name. It was my grandmother's maiden name. Then came the days when the meaning of your name was important. Would you believe mine means "maiden of God." I interpreted that as meaning "old maid." And I am single! Oh dear!!!!! I lived up to my name, didn't I?????

I love "Blondie!" I smile when I see your picture. I smile when I read your blog! And I smile when I listen to your music!

So to me, Blondie it is!!!!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Cora!
so good to see you! My birthname is Beverly - I used to hate my name because no one else I knew had the name. My uncle nicknamed me Blondie when I was a kid. Recently, while taking care of my Mom, we were talking late into the night. She reached over and touched my hair and said, "My dear, I surely named you rightly. You are the woman my sister never grew up to be." It changed my entire perspective. Of couse, Beverly in it's origins means lady from beaver meadows. Good grief! I also did a number thing on the entire name just for kicks. Always seems to come up with the same personality stuff that is almost darn near perfect in description. In any particular scheme of names and life, I find that I am very happy with myself. I have no delusions about who I am or supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

I was named after my Father's girlfriend who died - I remember him wearing her class ring throughout my childhood. My hubby was named after his father's brother who died as a baby. Isn't it strange how we feel a need to keep family names going? When I was looking at my family tree certain names kept coming up generation after generation for 100s of years.

I think Blondie really suits you- light and cheerful.

twinklescrapbooks said...

I always wonder what it would be like if I had a different name. Cora, I am the say way about my middle name--it is Darlene. I always rolled my eyes at it growing up. :)