Sunday, June 1, 2008

O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh My Goodness!
Well, how could I forget my blog-aversary! I have been planning and planning on what I could do for it and it just slipped past me. You know the usual junk that goes on in my life . . . You dont?
Let's take a stroll through my day, today.

Woke up, drank a cuppa coffee without realizing I was really awake. Sent out hundreds of newsletters for The Humble Arts, peeked around a few of my groups. Made a half decent breakfast for Luscious and I. Went across the road to take care of my grand dog, Sundance, while my son is out of town.

Sounds so ordinary so far, right? In my average day, I always discover I am a magnet for something or other.
Let's continue.
I worked out in the yard with hubs. Lots of cutting and tugging on shrubbery that had become unrecognizable because of Virginia Creeper and Grape Ivy. Got side tracked and made a few wreaths to dry out on the fence. Hubs left to go get us some bombs for the house since fleas have started to manifest. While he was gone, I sat under the big oak out back. It is my favorite tree. Looking at the makeshift table between the benches, I noticed a cup full of sunflower seeds I had left soaking. Those really need to get sown today.
Being up a few hours by now, I made a fresh pot of Joe. Going back to my spot under the tree, I get up every few minutes to grab a handful of weeds that are encroaching . While pulling up some weeds, I see that my red hot poker at the edge of the woods is starting to bloom! Wee Dawgies! A first bloomer for me! Running over to admire it, I then noticed that the ground hog is back. He is trying to get into the veggie garden ~ Larry's rabbit wire has done the trick of keeping him out temporarily.
Remembering my coffee, I go and sit back down. The blasted huge black birds are trying to scavenge my compost pile. I reach for my cup and take a big gulp of the now cooled coffee. Only it isn't coffee. It is sunflower seeds in nasty water. Unfortunately, before I could spew them all out, I swallowed a few.
Luscious comes home and we begin the bombing process. Dinah Kitty is in her little carrier crying her displeasure.
Duke the basset bomb is sleeping under the blueberry bushes.

Once we get the bombs off, we get back to yard work. So much fun. By now, it is 90 degrees. With every reach upward, I am assaulted by my own body. I assured Luscious that we didn't need to bomb. I could have lifted my pits and killed every living thing in the house. Or at least caught a few like fly paper.

Since the house is being bombed, we decided it was a good time to wash the dog. The water felt so good, I had to squirt Luscious down and he, being a turn about is fair play kind of guy, hosed me down. Kind of fun to have your own wet t shirt contest in the back yard. Duke was not amused.
Just as we were drying the hound off, a sudden boom of thunder and down came the rain. Ready or not, we run into the house.
After we open windows and get dry, I check in on my group and hip hip hooray have had several sales today.
I knew that there was something I was supposed to be doing special today, but do you think that between drinking sunflower seeds, being overwhelmed by B.O. and having fun in the back yard with hubs that I could remember it was my BLOG aversary!
heckfire shoot! I didn't even check my blog stuff until I sat down a few minutes ago. Some kind soul left me a comment saying Happy Blogaversary. They are automatically entered into my big giveaway!

Okay, you are now assured that I have a very disorganized mind. But I am always a party to myself. Good thing I understand me. It all makes perfect sense to me.

I will plan something and have a wonderful belated anniversary party this week. Lots of bells and whistles. Be sure and check back and be sure to tell your buddies. I will be having some giveaways - everyone likes free!

Now for that long awaited shower.


Amy said...

Blondie , The "canvas" quote has always been one of my very favorites!!!
Now, on to the sunflower seed drink. All I can say is---YUK. My poor dear I tasted the stuff right along with you as I read the story!
What did Luscious say about that??

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

OH MY!!!!!! 'bout peed my pants here laughing!!!!! But somehow, why do I get the feeling that this is a normal day???????

I just needed to read this and to know that there are other "normal" people out there. Would have loved to see that hose thing going on with Duke!


quiltcrazygal said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! What a great story! I also know that I am normal now! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Jenna Louise

Donna said...

How Funny!!!! I've done the "grab the wrong thing to drink" thing as well!!!LOL....Happy Blogaverasry Sweetie!!!!hughugs

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Be sure and check back; I am having to get new batteries for my camera! Have to get some pics of the giveaways and will be having a few during this month.

And yes, my days always seem to go like this . . . I can still taste that nasty water. yuck! yuck! gag!

Melanie said...

Happy blog-aversary!

What a giggle!

I can't paint and drink.... :-) The coffee tasted very peculiar.

kat449 said...

Hi Blondie,
Happy Blogaversery to you. Thank you for keeping us so entertained, moved, and welcomed into your life.
I cant wait to see what you look like as sunflower!!!! I cant imagine you blossoming any larger or brighter!!!!I guess this puts a whole new spin on "Bloom where you are planted"!
I recieved your email this morning inviting me to sign it here? is it now? oooh do me... do me...!!!!I Loves ya sunshine...Kat

Karlene said...

Oh, can I say reading your Blog brightens my day! The drink thing, well I must admit to that also...but still comvinced someone moved my cup, as there were to many laughing at my
Have a Great Day and Happy Blogaversary!!!

Lana said...

Blondie ~ you are hilarious! I enjoyed reading about your day. SOunds somewhat like mine as I have drank my dirty paint water before...yuck!
Happy Blogaversary!

Lana said...

drank? drunk? you know what I mean, lol!

hmmm, 2 comments in one day... does this mean I'm entered twice?{wink, wink}!

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

Blondie~ First let me say, Happy Blogaversary!!! I LOVE your blog and as with your "OMG!!!..." post~ it always makes me smile! So Congratulations and sign me up to win your freebies! WooHOO!!!!
Here's to another year...

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Whew--I'm tired just reading about your day. It sounds like you did accomplish a lot, though.

Happy blogging-anniversary.

Karen said...

Love your description of your day; sounds like a good day, too, mostly!

sandy280 said...

Blondie, love your blog! Happy Blogaversary!!

You write and I feel as if I am walking along with you, sipping on that coffee there in the yard (didn't like tasting that sunflower water though!). And, the water hosing off was a lot of fun. One of these days I am going to surprise you and Lucious Larry and come see the two of you in person.

Thanks for being such a special person and for taking time to share your special talents with us all. May God bless!

The Primitive Lady said...

Blondie, you are a hoot! I never laughed so hard about the description of your day. It sounds like one of mine, only I most likely would have seen some huge bug or snake and would have screamed until they heard me in another state.
You're a doll as always!