Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Evening!
It has been a wonderful day here in my little corner of the world. The sun was shining, the humidity was lower than usual . . .
Family get together to celebrate Father’s Day at my folks house. Food was plentiful and the company was fine. I knew ahead of time that my sister in law was bringing macaroni salad – so, I knew what I wouldn’t be putting on my plate. I smiled inwardly watching the huge bowl of it being eaten by everyone but me. It did look tempting . . . haven’t you always heard that looks can be deceiving?
I had my Daddy pull a few names from the giveaway list.
They are :

Karen of Just Plain and Simply Me
Amy of Abundant Curiosities

Congratulations ladies! Check your emails!!


Dixie Redmond said...

Your picture reminds me that I want to plant some purple coneflowers this year from seed, next year to bloom ;-)

Donna said...

Great coneflower picture! There has GOT to be a story there about the macaroni salad. Fess up. Is it vile stuff that twists your inners up?

Congrats to your giveaway winners!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Dixie - thanks for visiting sweetie - and Donna! to get the scoop on my SIL, you should go read on my blog:
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
The Family Table

I happen to personally LOVE macaroni salad. I could live off the stuff.


Karen said...

Thanks for doing the giveaway! I'm so excited that I was a winner! I never do win anything! It was really nice of you to host the giveaway! Karen

Donna said...

ROLF! I remember reading that story now! Oh, I know what you mean exactly because I have someone like that in my immediate family too. We try every trick in the book to get out of eating her food whenever we visit because we are afraid of having to get our stomachs pumped out at the local hospital!

LOL, and I love the story about feeding the Devil. I was married to one too, once upon a time. Goodbye and good riddance!

Tina said...

I used to have coneflowers in my garden at my house before I moved away and I miss seeing them. They are such happy flowers!
Contratulations to your latest winners.

Joann said...

Congratulations to the ladies!!!! And thank you Blondie for the compliments on the mug. I love that little Ewe too!

a portland granny said...

That flower is beautiful! I notied that several referred to it as a "cone" flower. It looks very like our gerber daisies we grow out here in the west.

Anyway, its eautiful!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Joan and all
It is a coneflower! So lovely - one of my favorite bloomers. I would like to have a field of them!
To my two winners, your giftie is in the mail . . .

Lorraine said...

ooooh! What a beautiful coneflower...can't wait till mine bloom:o)! LOL about the macaroni salad!!!

Congrats to your winners!!

quiltcrazygal said...

Hi Blondie! What a beautiful flower! Sounds like you had a great day on Sunday. I made it back from 4-H Summer Camp, it was a great time! I loved spending time with the kids, it's so important. You book arrived yesterday, thank you! Have a wonderful rest of the week and Happy Blog Anniversary, I love visting! Jenna Louise

Anonymous said...

Beautiful coneflower! Ooo sounds like family politics.

CARole said...

Hmm, I too am wondering about that macaroni salad. Aren't you the diplomatic one? LOL-funny

Amy said...

Blondie my dearheart.... I adore the prize. Thank you a million times thank you!!
I also love the cone flowers that grow in my garden--and so do the butterflies!!