Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lucky Me

I know it has been a month! since I posted, folksies. It isn't that I don't think about blogging every day; I truly do. I am just having problems with time management. Sigh. But the thing I just HAD to share with you is this:

A few months ago I signed on for a pincushion swap. It was secret sister style, so no one knew who was creating for who. I received my wonderful surprise pincushion yesterday! Created by Linda Shiffer , it is a great size and great weight. I am already sticking pins in it Linda! She also was creative and frugal enough (my kinda gal) to make a scissor holder from the tongue of the shoe! She has spent an enormous amount of time creatively decoupaging, snipping, embroidering, painting this most treasured work of art.
Swaps with strangers don't always work out well, although most swaps make new friends out of everyone. Thanks to Kim Pebley for hosting this one.

On another front, I am getting ready to head to Minnesota in a week. My oldest son is getting married to a lovely gal. Having never been to the midwest before, I am looking forward to the road trip.

The Humble Arts is already up for the month and we are selling fast! Please come on over and take a peek at what's left! You are sure to find something you like. If you haven't already signed up for our newsletter, you can email me to put you on it or sign up on the website.
Click Here to come in and visit

I have been busy creating Halloween goodies for a local store. It has turned into a mutually fun love affair of sorts. The owners love everything I create and in turn, I love them for that! I have been busy creating headless men, full size witches, lots of ornies for halloween trees and banners, gourd head folks and etc. That is one of the reasons I have not been able to sit at the computer for very long ~

I am hoping to be back here SOOOOOON. Now head on over to The Humble Arts! My sisters have a habit of always leaving the light on!


Amy said...

Have been missing you lots!

Anonymous said...

Your works look wonderful. I'm so impressed. What a lovely pincushion too.