Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a done deal

Back home from the Big City

We have recently just returned from a week long journey to Minneapolis, or the North Country as we are calling it. My oldest son, Paul, got married on Friday, August 14th to a lovely, lovely girl, Amber.

We drove for various reasons, Luscious and I, along with my other two adult children, Joshua and Sarah. What a long drive! Just under 1300 miles in two days to get there and then the two day trip back. My back shall never be the same.

We were able to enjoy the countryside of states that we have never been to before. At least what one can enjoy from an interstate! We passed through Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and finally into Minnesota.

We were quite impressed with the corn and soybean fields in Indiana and Illinois. Oh and yes, Ohio had quite a few as well. Made us proud of our farmers. That's some serious farming! I would imagine that the combines are larger than my house.

Once we arrived in Minneapolis, I was excited to meet a few online friends in person. I surprised Roseann of Rosebud's Cottage with a visit:

Roseann was in the throes of a state-wide shop hop that was ending last week. Any of y'all that are anywhere in the vicinity of Minneapolis/St Paul, make sure you head on over to her shop. It is a delightful blend of folk artsy heaven. She is such a knowledgeable quilter.

I was in sensory overload, wanting not only to ooh and aah over every nook and cranny there, but to feel the fabric. Heaven couldn't be better, I am convinced. Thank you Roseann, for your graciousness at being sideswiped with surprise.

Then we also got to meet another online bud, Maureen. Luscious was quite smitten with this outgoing, Minnesota Friendly gal. I would drive the two days up there just to spend more time with her.

We stayed at a great hotel, The Residence Inn, in Roseville. A great suite with two bedrooms, two baths, a pull out sofa in the living room area and kitchenette. Not that I was doing any cooking. I was on vakay! The hotel had a tremendous breakfast bar each morning and a social hour in the evening. Now, call me country, call me nuts, but the kids and I had to take pics of the hallway.
Does it not remind you of a more narrow version of the Outlook from The Shining? I swear to goodness we kept waiting to see a little kid on a tricycle muttering "redrum, redrum" or dark haired twins wanting to play. Shudder.

We had some pre-nup events to attend, new family to meet - the festivities were full and hectic. Finally Friday arrived and I was able to get a few pics. Can't wait to see the official wedding pictures.

The rehearsal dinner was at a nice place called Dixie. I am assuming that it was chosen in deference to Paul's roots in the South.
DD Sarah with her big brother, Paul. Sarah read from ICorinthians 13 at the wedding.

The couple got married at Como Park, which for those like myself, have never visited, well, let me say this. Minneapolis/St Paul has much to be proud of. The park itself is filled with a zoo, amusement rides, picnic areas and a gorgeous botanical garden area. I wished that I had enough time to really do the tourist thing. I was wowed.

(the groom showing part of the inside of the conservatory)

the outside of the conservatory

Now for the wedding. Are you sick of my pictures yet?

The lovely bride being escorted to her waiting groom. I fell in love with her parents. They were so very gracious. My son is most fortunate to marry into this family.

The vows

Mr and Mrs at long last. Whew!

Let's eat some of this delicious cake! It was yummy; carrot cake. But look at the design. Amber was meticulous in her choices. Classy girl.

Josh and Juli hamming it up at the reception. Juli flew in from California to serve in the wedding party as one of the "best man" position.

Paul and his little ring bearer, Micah.

Had to submit this adorable pic of Micah
Paul was tickled to see Thom and Margo there. They flew in from Williamsburg, Va for the fete. Margo has been my friend FOREVER and knew Paul before he was born.
Brothers - Paul and Josh. Josh was a little teary eyed after the ceremony. He may be sentimental but he is a lionheart. Don't worry, little brother, you're next!


Donna said...

How lovely!! That was quite a trip indeed! Glad everything worked out happily!!hughugs

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey girlfriend! Thanks for peeking. Weddings are always a good excuse to par-tay! Been missing you and the rest of my blogging buds. I have a ton of reading to catch up on! I am beginning to feel somewhat normal again, whatever that is!

Donna said...

I bet you are bursting with happiness and pride! What a beautiful wedding, and there are smiles all around! Glad that you had a good trip and got to see this good 'ol US of A!

Khris said...

What a lovely day...thanks for sharing..hugs Khris

Lizzie said...

Congratulations to you all and thanks for sharing those great photo's.

Robin said...

Hello Stranger !!! Love all the pics...congratulations to your son !!!
Sounds like a wonderful all around trip !!
Missin' ya'

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey Lizzie! Thanks for visiting again; I promise to try to get better at managing my time.
Khris! I have so many blogs to get caught up on - forgive me??
And Sweet Robin - you know if we had passed through Pennsy, I would've stopped no matter WHAT! One day dear friend.

sewprimitive karen said...

Congratulations! Your kids are beautiful and the boys look like your DH. What a pretty bridal gown!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Blondie. It looks like it was such a special occassion.

Ooo Roseann's shop looks amazing. Isn't it great when you just click with someone. It must've been so wonderful to meet blog friends in real life.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh my! 1300 miles. . . one way?! But what a wonderful celebration. Congrats to the lovely couple.
Blessings to you~

Victorian Lady said...

How fun! :) Congratulations! :)


KKJD1 said...

Well congrats to the happy couple! Sounds like a fun trip. So glad you are all doing good. Blessings,Karen

Tolentreasures said...

Great trip, great photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Rest up!


Amy said...

absolutely wonderful--all!!!!

twinklescrapbooks said...

Lovely photos!! Yes, the hall does remind me of The Shining...shivers!
Rosebud's Cottage looks divine. I think I would have to sit down in a chair and just soak the whole store in! The wedding looked beautiful!!!
Glad you are back! :)

SayraH said...

Hey! Send me any and all pictures you have of the the pic of me and Paul from your blog.

Love ya!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow---it all looks so wonderful!! Congrats to your son and his new bride! May God grant them a long and happy life together ♥

Now, young were in my neck of the woods and I didn't even know it! *pouting* I live up the road from MPLS in Duluth (about a 2 hour drive). I'm glad you had such a nice time in our fair state.

Smiles, Karen

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Karen
The couple honeymooned around Duluth! They did a camping/hiking thing around some lake(s)and sent us a postcard from Duluth. Now they are back in NY.
You really do have an awesome state!!

Cindy B said...

Oh Blondie! what a treasured trip this was for you all..My nephew is getting married this month in a conservatory columbus,OH which we are attending.I loved reading about your trip and meeting up with the gals..what fun! do you realize just how close you were to where ilive? we live amongs those cornfields and those combines cost the price of a house..or more. yes, Our farmers here do work hard and are good keepers of the land they farm.
I am definitly making some on those wonderful cookies today!!