Saturday, February 23, 2008

Writers Strike?

I understand that the writers strike for tv is over or almost over. Not much of a tv watcher, it really hasn't bothered me. I prefer old re runs anyway or watching/listening to TruTv (formerly known as Court TV) during the day. Salacious trials are better than a soap opera to me!
That being said, I thought I would take a litle "strike". I am soooo ready for spring and I know that many of you are. I am going to repost this little one from last summer. I am already starting seeds under lights in my basement and planning my garden out this year! Come Spring! Hope you enjoy this one!
As you probably have figured out by now, I love to grow things. I prefer to grow from seed, but, gosh I am human and fall prey to flower pots in the garden center. But I don't buy the pretty ones. Nope, not me. I always go to the back section where on a black metal rack are the sick, dried out lifeless specimens that are being sold because they need TLC. My husband thinks I have some horse trader in my family gene pool because I have no pride whatsoever about dancing those distressed, nearly lifeless pots to the garden manager. I must have a way of shaming them with my total look of disbelief that they would charge me (or anyone else) for something that they had neglected to death! Most times, they will give me these poor things that need a good long drink of water and fresh soil. Some live, some are too stressed to survive, but most will give me seed.
Last year I was on one such jaunt and came across a small pack of what was marked cucumbers. Now I make a mean hot dog relish and that requires cucumbers. Family and friends bring the empty mason jars back for refills. So, looking at the sad cucumbers, I thought of relish. Once more, the garden manager met me and said, M'am, if you can get a Straight 8 out of these, I would like to see one! Smiling, I assured him I would be delighted.
I watched with hope as the plants grew. The problem was, they weren't cukes. They were gourds. Now anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE gourds. I make birdhouses, fence decorations, doll heads, bowls, so many endless possibilities with the curcubita family. Another bonus with gourds are the amount of seeds that they produce! I always have more than enough to share with friends near and far.
Hoping that they were a long neck dipper, I knew as soon as they started to round out that they were the common gooseneck.

Within each seed head is a multitude of seed. Each one seed produces a multitude of more seed. And each seed produces what it is meant to. All they need is a little water, soil and sunlight. We are all sowers. We sow into each other's lives various seeds. Love, friendship, encouragement, laughter ~ I want to sow good seed. And if I think I am sowing one seed and it turns into another plant - like my cuke to gourd incident - I hope that what is produced is a happy bonus. (Matthew 13:1-23)


Doreen said...

Good morning dear Blondie. I have not enjoyed this writers strike..I have been missing my 2 favorites...Men in Trees and Private Practice!!

What a wonderful message this post are always there with great words of wisdom Blondie..I hope you realize that!

I have an award for you on my blog...please stop by when you get a chance.


tattered 'n torn prims said...

This is a wonderful message!! So many times it is easy to be discouraged or upset with the unexpected...after all....they were to be cucumbers!! How much better it is to be happy with the accidental blessing!! It truly is all in the "eye of the beholder"!! Thanks for the reminder!!

She'sSewPretty said...

I barely watch t.v. either, so I haven;t missed anything. I rescue plants at the store too except they never give them to me free. It must be cuz you're so cute!

Donna said...

What a Happy post!! And you're right about the little neglected plants in the back..often they give them to you just to be rid of them...Much love to you sweetie!

Cookie said...

aaaah... i can't wait for spring just to see all of your wondrous photos of your backyard!
Your gourdheads have long been some of my favorites Blonde ONe :)

Robin said...

How wonderful !!! and I LOVE your GourdHeads !!! What art !! I am ready for Spring sooooo ready, but I just dread what follows so soon...too soon after...Summer !! I am not a Summer lover, but must take the Summer with the Spring Fall, and Winter I s'pose....LOL...

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Wonderful post! I love gourds too. What a great reminder to all us "sowers"--
Have a great day.

Karen said...

Dear Blondie, Wish I lived near enough to you that i could recieve a jar of your relish! You have a lucky family and friends. I need a good recipe for cuke relish, will you share yours with me? I can only reciprocate by sending you my really good zucchini relish recipe, if you'd like to have it.
Cheers, Karen of

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Ladies,
I promise I will update my blog when I can catch my breath. Working full time and etc really makes me put too many things on the back burner!
Karen, I will send you the recipe. I have to dig it out so it may be a while. I got the recipe from an old OLD lady many years ago when I lived in Atlanta. I treasure that one for sure.

Cathy, somehow I KNEW you would like gourds as much as me!

Cookie, everytime I look at my butterly bush in bloom I think of you. Hope it blooms great this year!

cherbear said...