Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Burly Quilter with a Contest and Gardening

Hi folks
Been awhile once again since I posted. In my own defense, you know that when the weather turns to summer I will be busy in the garden. We have already been pulling some squash for a refreshing break from frozen veggies. What tastes better than FRESH from the GARDEN? The tomatoes are beginning to set their fruit and I can just taste those 'mater sammies! YUM.

My holly hocks and other perennial flowers are showing off again. I am also watching the growth of some Jerusalem Artichokes. I am intrigued by the whole concept of Jerusalem Artichokes. I have a very dear cousin who gifted me with a huge bag of these tubers/roots. They can be dug up and eaten like potatoes or just left to grow and spread like a tall blanket of sunflowers. Oh boy, y'all know I love my sunflowers! Once they get going, I will post some pictures.

I spent a few days last week in the hospital. Seems as if I got severely dehydrated from a horrible stomach virus. I thought I was on the mend when I started seeing all these spots in front of my eyes and fell with a loud thud on the floor, giving myself a concussion.

My head is still a bit sore to touch but the headaches have finally gone bye bye. Poor Luscious. He ran to where I was in a heap and scared the dickens out of him. He said my eyes were open and there was no Blondie in them. For five minutes he tried to wake me up and when I did I was quite upset that he woke me up! When he told me he felt the house shake when I fell, I knew the honeymoon was over, lol. Luscious is a good babysitter, although he tends to hover too much for my taste. He can make a mean bowl of jello and gatorade ice pops.

I have recently discovered a blog by a yummy young fella ~ The Burly Quilter. He is running a contest right now

Go give him and looksie and you may even WIN. I sure hope I do. It might make up for having a new hospital bill.


Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Blondie - I'm glad you're OKAY. Take care of yourself - or tell Luscious to! ;-)


Tonya said...

Oh, Blondie, I am sorry you have been sick! Do be careful and keep in touch!

Patticakes said...

Lovely pictures of your garden. The squash sounds so good.
So happy to hear the headaches are gone! Off to check out the Burly guy!

Donna said...

Gracious! I sure hope you don't ever do that again! We can't have you sick!

Mmmmm fresh veggies are the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are feeling much better. Love those flowers. Are the maroon ones the hollyhocks? And, what are the white ones - they are beautiful.
Hugs, Trish