Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November: Kick off time for celebration seasons

Hello Folksies!
It's Veteran's Day!  Hope that everyone who reads this remembers to wave a flag and thank a Veteran for their loving service to our great nation.  God Bless America!

November always heralds the kick off for Christmas. Ever notice that in the past few years you are hearing Christmas songs on the tv before Halloween? Good grief. As if I don't have enough stress already! Look at it from my point of view. For the next few months it is non stop celebrating. It begins with Mr. Luscious and his birthday.
Then a few days later comes my dear sweet Mommy's birthday: Here they are last year:

Last year Mom spent most of it very ill for months on end. This year she is doing much better and we are planning an all out big celebration of good health.

Then comes my oldest one's birthday:

Since he is a newlywed, I am certain his birthday will be extra special in the celebrating department this year.

Then comes my birthday. Oh yeah, we won't mention the candles on my cake:
Following closely on that day is

Then right after that is my wonderful SIL's birthday:

Then shortly after that is Baby Girl's day

How can anyone not want to celebrate my Daddy's birthday! He's my own personal hero.  WWII would have not been won had it not been for my dear daddy!

The flurry of birthday celebrations end with Middle Son's birthday:

Once we get done with all that partying, it is a quiet few months.  But my clan always looks for a reason to party.  After all, everyday is someone's birthday.  Yep, we like having un birthday parties round here!  Pick out a date, bake a cake, make a pot of food and it's a party here. 


Donna said...

I'm SO glad your Mom is doing better! That's a LOT of parties! Ain't it Fun??lolol...hughugs

Cookie said...

holy smokes Blonde one.... you have to save up all year long to celebrate at the Spence household! and oooooh, the cakes - the cakes!!!

nummmmers ♥

Donna said...

That's a WHOLE LOT of celebrating, LOL! Gracious me! And your dad is my hero too! God bless him for his service!

catieann said...

Hi Blondie
I am so happy to hear that your mom is in much better health. You remind me of Us---we can throw a party at one phone call....just bring food and an appetite...and of course there is always way too much food right?
love families loving each other

Amy. said...

I loved seeing your beautiful family. Can I come and party with you all?

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Everyone here is invited anytime. After all everyday is a birthday for someone. Always ready yo hsve a good time.

KKJD1 said...

Wow! I sure need to live closer so I can come and party with yall! So glad your family is doing good and yall can celabrate together! Blessings,Karen

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog.
You certainly have some birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate at this time of year.

whimseycreations said...

Wow! Love to see all the pics of your family - so good looking!!! Thanks for sharing.