Monday, March 30, 2009

Of Tulip Trees, Magnolias and Poplars

I am so very excited. The tulip tree bud(s) are starting to really open. Now mind you, this is a wee bitty tree. It began life as a shoot off of a HUGE tree at my uncle's house in Yonkers, NY three years ago. That I even got it to root, much less LIVE and now grow, is amazing to this gal. Guess it likes the South!
It stands about 5 ft tall right now. This is the second year it has bloomed. I am thrilled.
For those who have asked, it is also known as a Japanese Magnolia.
Other trees, which are also called American Tulip trees are the Poplar. My granny always called them cup and saucers. That is what they look like when they bloom:

American Poplars are fairly common on our property. I love them for their blooms and fragrance. My allergies don't like them, along with all the other fauna I so enjoy. Zyrtec works well for me and hey! as an added bonus this week, the generic of it is on sale at Rite Aid. Yippee.
Poplars are nice trees. Just sort of prone to lightning strikes on my property for some reason.
They grow very fast. Which is why I am hoping that this tulip tree in the back will grow fast! Of course, considering I rooted it three years ago and it is currently 5 ft tall, I would say that it is fast growing.
Thanks for reading, folksies.


twinklescrapbooks said...

So so pretty! Spring is so magical. :) I need to get to Rite Aid! My son and husband take Zyrtec...

SayraH said...

Want some! Could you root me up some, while you're @ it, Marmee?