Monday, September 3, 2012

Is it ever too late?

Hello Folksies

Long time, no see.  Or hear.  Or whatever.  I have been so erstwhile this year.  Fancy word for being formerly occupied.  OCCUPIED?  No, not that type of occupier.  Life has been so full of everyday stuff that for me to actually take the time to sit on my backside and talk to you has been, well, out of the question for me. A comfort for me is that when you are true friends, time and distance mean nothing. You pick back up like you did when you fell off that proverbial bicycle.

Let me fill you in briefly.  Spring came.  Spring went.  Summer came.  Summer's gone.  Waiting on Fall.  Yay.
My garden has been a source of true love for me this year.  I also spent much time, sweat, and laughter at my Mother's house, re creating a front garden entrance.  It is still a WIP, like the rest of my life, however, it has been so theraputic for me, my sis Cat and my Mom.  So many "girls day together" has been worth every drop of sweat, every ache in my back and shoulders.

I still haven't seen my grand baby, Nora.  I am indulged with photos on a very regular basis.  She is the obvious center of their universe.  Nana here has been busy making baby things to send their way on a regular basis.  (Y'all know that if I am not in the garden, I have needle and thread in my hand.  Or paper mache, or a chocolate chip cookie)

I've also been busy with some online quilting buds, creating pin cushions to swap, working on a Secret Santa Buddy Swap is going to be an amazing end to the year.  There is always time to make something for someone in need and trust me, the joy of my life is to really share what I create. 

And as you know, we be a real social family, so we get together probably far too often for cook outs.  I just love men who cook

Here are a few other things I actually photographed of what I have been working on. You know me. I always forget to take pictures of the important things. Sigh.

I will try to not be such a Walter Mitty.  I do create the best things in my head.  Look for me to be back soon.