Sunday, September 26, 2010

Okay, here's the deal

you need to know that I get easily overwhelmed lately.  In case you haven't noticed, I have had like 7 or 8 other posts the entire YEAR!  Now, I would be happy to let you know that I live such an extraordinary life, etc. etc.

But the truth of the matter is this.  I have been overwhelmed with life in general.  My folks have been requiring more of my time and then there is the matter of daily living.  You know, trying to eek out a meager existence to keep a roof over our head.  I get online to check my emails, on a rare occasion I will stop by and read a blog or two, but, honestly, when I get overwhelmed, I am not a good time manager for ME time. 

I will attempt once again to stay in touch with so many special friends via this blog.

Since my last post in July, I have finished that strippy quilt - it is very lovely on my bed.  I took advantage of visiting kin with the folks and got my bedroom painted.  It is lovely.  The pics I have taken just look blah humbug but I painted one wall red and the other three walls a pale butter yellow.  All the trim in white enamel.  So crisp and clean.  Even Luscious surprised himself when he came home and saw my handiwork.  It has been the boost the old fella needed to help with the rest of the house. We will be doing the hall soon.  Each time I go down the hall, I snatch off some wallpaper.  It is quite a stress buster to pull that old stuff off!!

One evening last week when I woke up at dark thirty, I went down the stairs and made a few new table runners.  Two were gifties and one I decided to keep for myself.  It is in autumn colors and turned out quite nice.

It is a design called a friendship braid.  There are lots of tuts out there for them; the easiest and funnest tutorial is by Missouri Star Quilt Company on youtube. 

I am almost finished with a very special lap quilt and will take pics of that soon.

Bear with me folksies.